Authenticity At Scale

Breaking down social content captures.

What We Bring To Every Shoot

Whether it's virtual, on-site, or enhanced, there are a few key elements at the core of every content capture. 

• Purposeful plan - To make the most of the content, we review the client's goals and craft an actionable plan to capture moments and messages that drive tangible results. Unlike a commercial photo/video shoot, we intend to distribute these images on social platforms which are optimized exclusively for that purpose.

• Shot list/inspiration - The Chatterkick crew prepares a shot "wish list" for every content capture. This list and inspiration source helps to guide the shoot and capture social-specific content on the fly. 

• Dedicated Chatterkick team member: - This team member is essentially the director of the shoot. They're always looking for opportunities to capture authentic moments while keeping an eye on the clock to ensure we're making the most of the scheduled time. 

• Communication and coordination - We work closely with our clients to find the best time to capture what they need while being the least disruptive to their business. 

• Creative support - If needed, we tap in additional support from our phenomenal partners in the Creative Network

The Options

Content Capture Variations

The Examples

Standard Content Capture Examples

Social-specific, authentic photos, captured in the moment, without the use of external lights or set up.

Virtual Content Capture Example

Perfect for podcasts, sales/leadership team interviews, or dispersed teams.

Enhanced Content Capture Examples

Engaging interview-style video with b-roll incorporated.

Premier Content Capture Example

Multiple locations, high concept, high energy, high production value.


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