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Kangaroo Shoes

Rebrand Quote

Dear Genie,

Thanks for inviting us to submit initial creative concepts to help introduce Kangaroo Shoes to Asia.

It was great to see your operation and meet your team. Your aspirations to grow your brand are admirable and we would love to help you reach them.

It turns out, there are quite a few runners at our Portland office that wear your shoes. They think they’re great! We think you’ll be very successful in Asia.

This quote includes your requests for complete rebrand specific to Asian markets, including additional research time (given the specificity of the rebrand). Please let us know how this quote suits you, or if you would like any clarification.

If you are happy to move forward, please accept this Quote and we will get to work!

Best wishes,

Jake and everyone at Beta Brand Portland

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You can select optional items and adjust quantities where possible, but feel free to reach out if we can clarify anything

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William Goldburg, CEO of Lyft

Scope Of Work.

The rebrand will include:

  • Logo design and brand lock-ups
  • Asia-specific branding guidelines
  • Asia-specific copy style guide
  • Shoe box design
  • Rollout of assorted marketing collateral


If you have any questions or would like to discuss the details of this project further, please contact:

Jake Chalmers

Email - | Web -