We're looking for a Senior Product Designer

"Abacus is on a mission to build the easiest way to communicate on the web. Businesses all over the world use our platform to quickly create and share beautiful websites. I'm looking for someone to help lead our visual and interaction polish across the product, grow our creative culture, and help our users create quick and empowered design outcomes."

Sebastian Domer
Head of Design

About the role

You'll help the Product Design team create thoughtful, intuitive and visually engaging solutions for our customers in over 30 countries. You'll empower first-time and long-time users to communicate their intent with ease, and make complex design concepts into simple to understand and enjoyable tools.

Achieving this well requires a depth of interaction design skills, with a focus on prototyping and validating ideas in low and high fidelity, with excellent collaboration between Designers, Engineers and Customers.

Ultimately, you will help us build products that are easy to use and visually appealing to our potential customers.

Why this team?

  • We have company level principles and design principles we actually live by, and enjoy using as a north star in our creative work, both as a team and as individual designers
  • We are careful to validate what we're doing upfront as a team, and not dream too far ahead of engineering. We get to enjoy the impact of shipping our design work regularly
  • You'll work closely with customers, and will feel the value your work is creating. We also measure outcomes with our Growth team, so you'll have clarity over exactly how your design is used

Problems you'll tackle

Design a best in class web editor 

Web pages can do amazing things today, and we want Abacus to enable everyone to create those experiences. Visually engaging layouts, interactive content, transitions and styles. The challenge here is finding a way to make these impressive outcomes fast, simple and intuitive. And that's no easy task. 

Broaden our product's use cases

We started as a website builder, but people have been organically using us for more—landing pages, brochures, events. You'll help define this new category, and make it easier and more valuable for teams to work with these use cases across their organisation.

Enable real-time collaboration

There's lots of tricky experience and interaction details that need to be figured out to make it easy for teams to collaboratively build web pages. You'll be working with the team to create a streamlined collaboration environment within the editor.

Perks you'll get

We believe you do your best work when you feel your best. We provide a setup bonus when you join, provide complimentary yoga, and provide full health and dental cover for your immediate family members and yourself. We believe in giving you a fair, competitive salary and support you in the long run. You also get a 401K with 4% match from us.

How the process works

Stage 1 —
Portfolio review

You'll submit your portfolio (in any form that comes in) so we can see what your strengths are, and if you are a good fit on paper based on the skill profile we've outlined above.

Stage 2 —
Catchup call with Elise

You'll have an initial call with Elise, our Talent & Culture Lead to chat through some of your product design experience and you'll also get to ask questions about working at Abacus.

Stage 3 —
Design takehome task

You'll do a small take home task so we can see how you approach a design problem. We’re evaluating design thinking and approach first and foremost, but we're looking for candidates with great visual execution, and keen focus on interaction details.

Stage 4 —
Interview & Whiteboard

This stage is an interview with Sebastian and one other designer, followed by a whiteboard session similar to the take home task. This is to see how you approach a design problem in person, and get a general feel for what it would be like working together as collaborators in a team context.

Stage 5 —
Meet the Founders

After this, you’ll come in to meet the founders, Dixie and Markus. This will be an informal chat, and an opportunity for you to get to know the Founders personally, and for them to get to know you.

Does this sound like you? Click below to apply and we can get the ball rolling 🎉