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Contact: Denise Quashie


Hi Denise,

Here's information about how we could work together. Let me know your thoughts!


About Entrepreneur's Handbook




Entrepreneur's Handbook is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs succeed.


  • 100k followers (growing at an average of 92 new followers a day)
  • 38k+ subscribers
  • Suggested publication for tags: Entrepreneurship, Startup, Business, and Ideas
  • #36 largest Medium publication (out of 8k)

Sample articles:

Entrepreneur's Handbook Audience

  • The readers of EH are located around the world and are primarily founders, freelancers, agencies, startups, designers, bloggers, marketers, writers, and small business owners.
    • Note: due to the limited analytics of Medium, I'm not able to see exactly where readers are located.
  • Average daily visitors: 1,800
  • Minutes read in last 90 days: 300k
  • Average monthly uniques: 75k
  • Email subscribers: 38,000
  • Average open rate: 27%

The 6 Partnership Deliverables

1. Your logo on homepage header with “presented by”

Your logo would be visible on the homepage of Entrepreneur's Handbook, seen by every site visitor.


2. Homepage branded promo section

Your brand would be featured on the homepage of Entrepreneur's Handbook in a well-designed lead magnet space. This would be linked directly to any landing page you choose.


3. Custom Link in Main Navigation

A link to your brand would be placed in the right-hand side of the main menu of Entrepreneur's Handbook with a direct link to any landing page you choose.


4. Email Newsletter Placement

Your brand would be featured at the top of the bi-monthly Entrepreneur's Handbook Letters, an email newsletter sent to over 27k inboxes.


5. Three Branded Blog Posts

Your team would work with Dave Schools to craft three informative and creative Medium stories published in Entrepreneur's Handbook.

The last partner had a story go somewhat viral and receive 7k reads in a two-week period.


6. Custom initiatives and events

Finally, the future is wide open. We can collaborate on a unique value proposition that grows both our brands and serves the reader. For example, the 90-Day Revenue Challenge was an initiative that motivated and rewarded readers to take action on their business ideas. We could create something similar that is tailored uniquely to your brand.

As mentioned, we host monthly networking events online using Hopin which you can speak at and sponsor.

Our last partner 12X-ed their investment

Published with permission:

"Thanks for the opportunity -- really great for PeopleFish. You have some pretty high-powered people reading E Handbook. High-quality leads: Several director-level people reached out to us within a day or so of the emails that went out. I'd love to do this sponsorship again -- maybe in a few months. Got three strong leads again today. Your readership is great! You should charge more. Use us as a case study. We will probably have at least $10K revenue, $3K profit from our investment in EH just last month."

-- Nick Freiling, CEO of PeopleFish

Partner with us.

To collaborate with Entrepreneur's Handbook and work with the full breadth of our editorial capabilities, we charge a fee of $1,500 for one month. Any of the above deliverables and services can be customized and de/selected a la carte, and will be reflected in the price, to best attain your goals.

Thank you.

I look forward to working with you.

Dave Schools

Founder, writer, editor at Entrepreneur's Handbook