Case Study

Dan Bonebrake, CEO of ECORRCRATE (Depin, Inc.), met with Lewis Media Group with the goal of establishing a holistic marketing strategy that produces results.

The Challenge


The existing website and videos were informative and beneficial but lacked the professional, finished "look" Dan wanted. He sought a team to follow through with his vision for the company in all areas from website edits to press releases.


• Increased Revenue

• Wider Brand Recognition

• Simplify User Experience

• Improved Production Quality for Media Assets

The Process

Before & After

Previous Website


• Full of information

• Consistent Colors

• Helpful Links


• No Single Focus

• Inconsistent Fonts

• Amateur Photography

• Outdated Appearance

• Odd Choice of Link Titles

New Home Page

What Changed?

In order to align with the company's goals and target a younger audience of business professionals as shipping buyers, we put on our thinking caps, looked at several competitor websites, and set off to simplify the user experience.

• Clear Message

• Attention Grabbing Video

• Fewer Choices

Websites are like billboards. Users spend less than a second deciding if they want to leave or stay, so the first impression is everything. We removed the clutter, created an engaging animation video to capture attention, and distilled the site's message into one sentence:

Say, "Hello," to a durable, cost-effective, patented, and eco-friendly crating solution.

The new website also narrows down customer options. Instead of searching for what to click next, the "Get a Quote" button is prominently featured. Now, the site requires users to make fewer decisions. All information is organized in an easy-to-understand way. They can either hover over the section that interests them or click to learn more.

Industries Page

Contact Page

Durability Video

Drop Test • Lid Strength Test • Static Load Test

The video's primary purpose is to showcase the ECORRCRATE's durability and value. Our team went to their location in Kalama, WA for a day of filming various strength tests and capturing their process.

We created this as one full video and three segment videos for ECORRCRATE'S sales team to send to prospective clients.

The result was not only well received but has generated revenue for the company through qualified leads.

Logo Animation

Home Page Animations


Within two weeks of the launch, ECORRCRATE received multiple leads through the website as well as compliments from current and prospective customers on the site itself. The videos have been instrumental in answering questions, providing additional details, and showcasing the value of the product.

"I am not sure if you often get this type of feedback, especially this quickly, can see the note [saying], 'Look at their website it's impressive' that was just sent to a prospective client."

Dean Andree

National Affiliate Network Director, Ecorr Products

We're Ready.

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