Combining Forces To Help Businesses Deal With COVID-19

“our goal is not production and safety, it is production with safety. we consider safety a production tool and understand that people are our most important assets - their safety is our greatest responsibility.”

A US building and construction company are using the Dynamedic platform to manage their occupational health programme and in particular support their hundreds of workers as they return from lockdown or self-isolation into work. A coronavirus triage application will ensure infections are detected early and minimise exposure of workers.

What The Process Looks Like To Get Your People Back To Work Safely

Let's Check Out The Process Steps

The main user roles

Site Foreman/Supervisor

Responsible for maintaining the construction site and managing people reporting to the site(s) including employees, external contractors, inspectors or other visitors to the site(s). Site supervisors will be using the new system to monitor the pre-screened information and attendance of employees, contractors at the site. They will have the option to make "No Shows" and as applicable recorded temperature screenings.

Employees, Contractors, Inspectors and Visitors

Required to fill the COVID-19 symptom checking form online each day. Based on the responses given, people will receive an automated email indicating if they are ACCEPTED or REJECTED to report to the site. The form is required to be filled out during a customer-specified 24=hour period each day for management of the "current day".

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Everyone Completes Questionnaire Daily

When reporting at job site

  • Superintendent verifies you are on the APPROVED list for that day at that site
  • There is visibility across all sites on who is doing what type of work that day
  • Super has option to screen for temperature above 100.3 degrees at job site
  • Super can record (toggle) which APPROVED workers were "No Shows"
  • Everyone with access to the app can easily filter information any way they like
  • App keeps historical information that can be sorted and reported
  • This process repeats daily and provides you with detailed historical information

    Optional Thermal-Imaging

  • Provides ability to pre-screen people who may have elevated temperature
  • Able to handle large volumes of screenings without personal interaction
  • Not approved by FDA as acceptable means to determine a person's precise temperature
  • Cost varies widely based on levels of quality and options
  • Can be integrated with Dynamedics so you have all your information in one place

  • Pricing

    We can provide you detailed pricing which depends on things like number of registered license users, and applicable discounts. It's important to note that we have a special 30-day FREE Trial offer that extends thru June of 2020, and special COVID-19 discounts thru September 30th, 2020 for qualified companies. You only pay for registered license users, and pay NOTHING for any number of workers, consultants, inspectors or visitors submitting daily questionnaires. We will customize the questionnaire exactly to how you want it, and configure the workflow and approvals to suit your specific needs.

    One-time Customization, SetUp & Training


    Dynamedics Licensing

    Per user, with scaled discounting

    Optional Thermal Screening (Elevated Temperature)

    Varies depending on quantity and quality

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