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How Pinnacle Surge Media beat the Quarterly Admission goal for a Drug Recovery Center in just 6 days.

We helped a drug recovery center make over $100,000 in revenue in just ONE week!

"From beginning to end, working with Peter and the team at PSM has been an absolute dream! They stayed in constant contact throughout the process and really built something beautiful for our center!

This novel approach to marketing is a massive hit. He is a total rockstar and I highly recommend!"

Note: The names of the individuals and the Recovery Center are not being used to protect them against legal and HIPAA rules. They will be referred to as "the center" in this document.


The Challenge

Drive new leads and admits to the center in a novel way on Facebook Messenger.

Boost incoming leads & admits

The Drug Recovery space is extremely competitive when it comes to paid digital advertising. Google Adwords is a platform that has been used with great success in the past but it has since become extremely saturated and the cost for Adwords has gone up significantly. The center was spending over $30K+/month for Adwords with relatively little success. They were looking for new ways of growing and nurturing their lead lists.

The challenge was to take their marketing budget and use it in a much more efficient way. Pinnacle Surge Media (PSM) specializes in growing lead lists and qualifying them using new Messenger technology. Could this be done effectively in the Drug Recovery space?

The results are nothing short of astounding and are revolutionary in how new leads should be collected and qualified in the drug recovery space. Here is how we did it...


The Solution

Create a Facebook Messenger campaign that would funnel new leads at a staggering rate AND pre-qualify them.

A novel growth hacking strategy

The team at the center wanted to tap into a new source of leads. Their paid digital advertising strategies were proving costly and ineffective. PSM has extensive experience in developing Messenger apps for various industries and knew that when executed properly, the combination of Messenger and targeted, viral Facebook Ads is extremely potent. Leads in Messenger are 5x more likely to read a message and over 3x more likely to click through when compared to a traditional email list. This super engaged audience was what the center was after.

Another huge benefit to using Messenger vs "traditional" marketing is that you are able to have a text conversation with a potential patient. This gives the patient a small step to take and is much easier than asking them to call the center directly. A person that is struggling with a drug addiction or who is reaching out on behalf of a loved one might not be ready to get on a phone call right away. They can use this back and forth messaging with an Admissions specialist to build up trust and warm up to the idea of actually seeking help.

This is the secret of using Messenger instead of asking for a call. The level of resistance is significantly reduced and an Admissions specialist can chat with multiple potential patients at the same time.

The Process

PSM was tasked with integrating a new Facebook campaign and tailoring it to Messenger and then setting it up so that the Admissions team could properly engage once a potential patient was pre-qualified.

The first step was creating an effective Ad that would be placed on Facebook. We went with a letter written by one of our patients to his mother. We were able to get the the costs/click down to under $0.20! Meaning that for $1, we were able to get approximately 5 users on-boarded onto our Messenger platform - they are then qualified and routed over to a member of our Admissions team.

We pre-qualified a user by having them go through an automated conversation where they read the letter, and then are asked a simple question - "Are you or a loved struggling?". If they responded with a yes, then one of the center's admissions staff would immediately jump into the conversation. The qualified leads are delivered to the Admissions team where they can get them into the center. The, as of yet, unqualified leads remain in the Messenger platform where they will be re-engaged at a later date. We find that often times, the at first sight "unqualified" leads may not yet be ready to talk, but they are seeking help to some degree and may convert later.

Getting all of these systems to work in conjunction was no easy task and the team at the Center were glad PSM rose to the challenge. We are proud to say that we have helped people seek the help that they need and have helped the Center to surpass their goals and increase their admissions!

Fig. 1 - Messenger - User Conversation


The Results

6 new admits and 40+ more patients waiting to get in!

40,000 Active Subscribers, 3,200+ Qualified Leads, 50+ Opportunities created and 6 New Admits!

We’re proud to say that because of this campaign, we were able to drive thousands of new qualified leads to the center. During this short time frame, they were able to admit 6 new patients (generating $100,000's of income). In addition to this, we were able to prequalify dozens more that are actively processing to be admitted. Not to mention - countless others have been directed to appropriate government centers, non-profits or informational resources and retained for re-engagement.

The road to recovery is a long and difficult path and the Center is now able to help 10,000's more than ever before!

The average cost/qualified lead is approximately $4/lead. Here are the numbers for the first 2 weeks of our campaign.

Fig. 2 - Campaign Numbers

Fig. 3 - The Center's New Messenger Subscribers

Fig. 4 - Detailed Tracking

The subscribers above can be reached out to at anytime and although not all of them stated that either they or a loved one needed help, there is a VERY strong chance that many more of them will in the future. These potential leads are not lost and could become opportunities and admits in the future.

Next Steps

PSM is very excited with this tremendous opportunity to help as many people as possible who are suffering from drug and alcohol addictions. This problem is a very serious one and one that we can all tackle together. This short case study is just the tip of the iceberg in how using new technology can reach as many people as possible. It's a win-win for everyone involved. Many people will receive the help that they need, and the center's can be more profitable than ever.

If you are reading this and would like to know how the team at Pinnacle Surge Media can help you or your organization reach new heights, please reach out to us and we can discuss the best way to implement this technology for your Center.

We're Ready

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