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Diversity & Inclusion

Why Do Diversity & Inclusion Matter for Qwilr?

In short, there are two reasons (not in order of priority!):

  • 1.It's good for our business.
  • 2.We believe an inclusive attitude is ethical.
  • It's Good For Business.

    At Qwilr, our founding principle is Undeniable Bestness. We want to win our game by delivering products and customer experiences that are a quantum leap away from anyone else. Furthermore, we believe that the path to Undeniable Bestness is via "Clarity Through Collaboration", a process for discovering the best ideas from the widest spectrum of inputs.

    Now it's that last bit, the "widest spectrum of inputs", that's the rub - how do you actually get the widest possible spectrum of inputs from people?

    The answer isn't just "well, more people equals more ideas, so just add more people" - because you can have a large group of people who think in very similar ways, reproducing a narrow set of ideas.

    To get a wide range of ideas you need people solving problems differently, thinking about things from different angles and perspectives. That's how big creative breakthroughs often happen: when different ways of looking at a problem combine in novel ways.

    And where do these different angles and perspectives come from? Where does the manner of our thinking come from? Sure part of it is what we read, our education - but its really much more than just that - it is the sum of our whole lived experience, our backgrounds, the story and history of our lives.

    Therefore, if we want to maximise Undeniable Bestness, to have the "widest spectrum of inputs" for Clarity Through Collaboration, then we need to maximise the diversity of lived experiences in our company.

    That means folks coming from different cultural backgrounds, gender identity, family status etc. Diversity of representation as a proxy for a diversity of perspectives.

    If you apply this to our workplace setting, it means that we need for anyone, regardless of their lived experiences, to be able to come in to the Qwilr environment and do their best work.

    We believe an inclusive attitude is ethical.

    At Qwilr we believe that the creative potential of human beings is a fundamentally important and good thing in the world and this creative potential is within every human being. Therefore we see an inclusive attitude, towards all people, as the ethical stance for us to take as a company.

    This is why diversity and inclusion matters at Qwilr:

  • 1.It's good for our business.
  • 2.We believe an inclusive attitude is ethical.