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Back on Track with Health

Makarios Wellness Detox Package

Our unique approach

We combined different therapies to create an Exclusive Makarios Detox package.

In our ongoing efforts to giving you an exclusive experience at Makarios Boutique Spa we now have a Physio-Therapist on the premises to help us complete our focus on looking after your complete well being.

"Pause the rush and focus on what is important"

Mariana Olivier

Loyal customer from North West that visits us every year

Body scrubs, massages and mud wraps

Detox massage, helps improve circulation throughout the body. Better circulation means more oxygen, nutrients, and energy for the entire body!

A detox massage helps stimulate the lymphatic system, making it easier for the body to release waste and avoid toxin build-up that would result in lethargy or illness.

Say goodbye to dark circles and puffy eyes.

We have just the answer when you have dark circles and puffiness. Because we believe in absolute bliss, we Included a detoxifying facial and added this very relaxing eye treatment to help you look at life differently. This way, it also stimulates collagen regeneration in the skin cells under the eyes and improves firmness.

Hydro Therapy

Hydrotherapy simply means the use of water in a therapeutic way and includes the use of both warm and cold water

During a hydrotherapy treatment, your body release endorphins — the body’s natural hormones which give us a sense of well being.

It also activates the lymphatic system giving a generous boost to the immune system. Water jets will massage your whole body and helps to break down the fatty deposits on cellulite-prone areas and lessen their appearance.

Physio Therapy

Our physio Therapist will use low electromagnetic energy waves to find the frequency of the condition. An impulse of the same frequency is then used to kill or disable diseased cells.

It might sound scary and painful but rest assured you will not feel any discomfort. Years of experience show immaculate results, and you will not be disappointed.

Benefits of detoxing

Improve your cardiovascular health

Sleep Better

Alleviate aches and pains

Lower blood pressure

Reduce stress

Reduce headaches

Improve your self-esteem and confidence

Increase sex drive

Lower anxiety

While we spoil you in our true Makarios Fashion and rejuvenate the body, mind, and soul.

The Package Includes

I'm Taking Back Me Analysis (Choose the option you prefer)


We all operate within our own perspective, rather than from a place of objectivity. Through an in-depth analysis, we process available information to create your personal map of reality. The body and mind influence each other. Making a change in any area of your life leads to a change in many different areas. Our unique approach combining Spa therapies and life-coaching with a certified life coach makes this process much more effective.

I'm Taking Back Me Analysis and Assessment

R1 500

A LEMON assessment is a tool that helps you look at and understand who you are, in a fresh way. No more wasting time, resources, and energy on what you shouldn’t be doing

When you are struggling financially. When you are having marital issues. When your company isn’t functioning at its optimal rate. When you just don’t understand your teenager. It will help you tremendously in taking the next step in your career, business, and next phase in life.

As an Accredited LEMON Facilitator, we cover half of your costs in unlocking one of the most important things you will ever discover – the treasures and capabilities you have inside yourself. 

Understanding how you are wired helps us on your: I'm taking back me-journey.

Personalized Skincare: Expert Facial (Choose the option you prefer)

R1390/ R680 per Treatment

It's time to discover a beauty expert's professional touch. Your treatment also includes an in-depth skin analysis and diagnosis, the correct treatment plan, and home care advice from your beauty expert.

Fresh look treatment: eye treatment

R450 per Treatment

Improves circulation around the eyes and reduces signs of fatigue.

An innovative treatment specifically for the delicate and sensitive eye area. Fatigue and stress disappear with this eye treatment that mimics a facial. Eye Expert brightens eyes, intensely moisturizes, and plumps lines and wrinkles. A must for everyone!!

Dermalife™Spa-Jet™ body treatment

R550 per Treatment

Dermalife™ treatments offer an overwhelming relaxing sensory experience and feeling of total wellbeing by incorporating muds, gels, salts, and extracts from natural sources. Vitamins and minerals are added to the hydro-mist system, so nutrients are introduced, through the skin, in any spa session.

Dermalife™Spa-Jet™ treatment

R350 per treatment

Dermalife™ Spa-Jet™ combines the breakdown of Hydrofusion™, the blending of 2 heat technologies- steam and infrared with true hydro massage therapy, via Vichy shower and underbody water massage, creating an unparalleled spa experience.

Body Massage

R650 per treatment

Massages accelerate blood and lymph circulation, speeding up the disposal of toxins out of your body. ‘Massage also helps work on the adhesions between muscles – which most people think of as “knots” – and that can release toxins into the bloodstream so they can be carried out.

Resonance Treatment

R800 per Treatment

Detoxifying body treatment using electrodes and specialized machine to stimulate the body and obtain optimum health - done by Physio therapist

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