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Design > UX > UI > CSS > JS guru

Hello! We are Meeshkan, and we are recruiting a designer.

Meeshkan makes the world's first DevOps bot for Machine Learning teams as well as unmock.io.

In this work, design is paramount. From our sales process to our web applications to our brand, high quality design permeates every aspect of our business. We would like you to help us design things better and transform those designs into code.


What we'd like to see

Here are some of the skills that are important to us. Having all of them is not important, but having most of them is.

  • 2+ years experience working as a designer.
  • The ability to translate ideas into CSS, XML style files and JavaScript code.
  • A passion for artists, designers and products that you find beautiful.
  • An addiction to sketching.
  • An inspiring portfolio of projects, journeys, and ideas.
  • A mild jealousy and healthy suspicion of unsplash.
  • Fluency design tools such as the Adobe Suite, Sketch, Gimp, and/or Inkscape.
  • A strong sense of good UX and UI in various digital media.
  • The ability to design bold products.
  • Enjoys working quickly to overdeliver to customers in a sales process.
  • Enjoys realtime design directly with employees and clients.
  • Can make, break, and enforce a brand book.
  • Good English communication skills.
  • "I come to work each day at Meeshkan knowing that I am part of something truly innovative. I get to speak around the world about our cutting-edge AI and our ability to bring this technology to the many, not the few. We are an ambitious team of smart and creative people who genuinely feel lucky to be able to work together."

    Megan Schaible

    Head of Growth

    About us

    What we can offer you

    These are the aspects of our working culture that we pride ourselves in. In addition to perks and benefits, one of our most important assets is that Meeshkan is a nice place to work.

  • International travel to great events like Rise of AI and Web Summit.
  • Work in or between our beautiful Helsinki and Copenhagen offices.
  • Competitive salary + option plans.
  • Five full weeks of paid annual leave. Take more if you need it.
  • Unbeatable health care and insurance.
  • Wellness and personal development costs are reimbursed.
  • Ample time for on-the-job training and research.
  • Relocation to Helsinki or Copenhagen if needed.
  • What next?

    Our transparent process

  • 1.Chat about your ambitions, your ideas, your aspirations and your concerns.
  • 2.Deliverable interview where we propose a deliverable and you show your design research.
  • 3.Co-working where we design a small proof of concept together.
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