Design Led Ventures
Info sheet


A Design Led Venture (dLv) enables learners to grow as innovative thinkers through developing creative functional solutions that enhance the world we liveĀ 

What's a dLv?

Design Led Ventures provide opportunities for learners to understand authentic needs, issues, and problems and for organisations to access innovative and fresh thinking youths. DLvs provide an opportunity to allow the Realms of Thinking (RoT) and Centre for Innovators and Entrepreneurs (CIE) to work together to support the 3rd Pathway (Entrepreneurial) and extend inter-generational and vertical learning opportunities.

Student teams work directly and closely with organisations, individuals, and communities to:

  • understand their business, their values, their problems, their challenges
  • work on real, authentic problems to make a difference
  • understand the company from different perspectives; owners, managers, staff, customers, investors, volunteers
  • apply creative, innovative, and entrepreneurial thinking to deliver impactful outcomes organisations can act on
  • Why get involved?

    Here are just a few reasons for students to get involved, there are so many more!

  • Make a positive impact
  • Apply your existing knowledge, skills & talents in new ways
  • Learn new ways of working, new skills, develop new talents
  • Meet new people (students, coaches, business people)
  • Promote to future employers, grant, scholarship applications
  • Be a trail blazer
  • Hone your 21st Century Skills
  • Have fun!
  • Who is involved?

    A team of 8-10 multi-age students (years 6-12)
    Selected via application process

    Each dLv team will be guided through the process by a Facilitator/s

    They will be supported by Designers and mentors to hone their skills throughout the process. These people will come from a variety of industries and backgrounds


    Each dLv team operates for 10 weeks

    Schedule operates on a fortnightly cycle during the school day* - roughly

  • Week 1 - Thursday 8:30am-3:10pm
  • Week 2 - Friday 2 periods (periods change weekly)
  • A Monday session and an excursion are also scheduled
  • Schedule for dLv 1.0 is available here
  • *there is support for dLv involvement from our Senior Leaders and Teachers are aware of the concept. Teachers will be informed of the schedule and who is involved for each dLv. Students will need to liaise with their teachers to discuss missed classes and content.

    Our Impact

    Our Design Led Ventures seek to have a positive impact on:

  • The students who successfully join a DLV team and their future opportunities
  • The organisations we work with, their employees, their customers, their communities
  • St Paul's and the community
  • The environment and sustainability will form a key decision criteria in the problem validation, solution generation, and recommendation phases
  • What else?

    Here is a sneak peak of some other experiences our student teams have:

    Learn and practice the art of reflection

    Learn photography, videography, and editing skills

    Learn and use interviewing skills and techniques

    Learn effective and fun goal setting techniques

    Apply Now

    Our DLV 1.0 applications are now open (to commence May 2019)

    This dLv will be working with The World's Biggest Garage Sale.

    Year 6 to Year 12 Students are encouraged to apply


    Are you a Student / Parent with questions?

    Are you a Company who wants to know more and get involved?

    Contact: Renae Jones (
    Director, Centre for Innovators and Entrepreneurs