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Value Capital Funding

are you drowning in
merchant cash advance (MCA) debt?

Work with the team that leads the industry in mca debt restructuring & settlement.

let us help you restructure your business debt today.

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Merchant cash advance relief

if merchant cash advances are tying up all of your business's available cash flow, our team of experts can help you restructure or settle your mca debt so you can take back control of your business.

The proven method to get you debt free

Our FREE consultation allows us to evaluate your situation. This way, we can learn more about you and your business so we can provide custom solutions.

Since our mutual goal is to find solutions that allow your business to grow and thrive, our team will take the time to review your debt structure and business goals so that we can find custom sustainable solutions that fit your business needs.

Then we work with you and your MCA providers to restructure or settle your debt.

all businesses and situations are unique which is why we don't believe in a one size fits all strategy. We will thoroughly analyze your business structure and debt levels to determine the potential risk factors you may have. Then we'll help guide you through the various solutions and customize a plan that fits your needs.

or ☎️ us now at:

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How do you know if debt restructuring & settlement is right for your business?

here are some questions to ask yourself to determine if your business is in need of help:

  • Is your cash flow restricted because of your current debt?
  • Have you taken advances to pay for other advances?
  • Are you in default/behind with payments or are about to default?
  • Did you ever consider filing bankruptcy due to your financial struggle?
  • Are you able to take your standard personal salary?
  • Are your personal bills mounting as a result of not being able to take a salary?
  • If you answered YES to any of these questions, Then we should talk.

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    please take just 3 minutes to watch this explainer video to see how we can reduce your debt payments by 40% - 75% in just days.

    We understand

    We know discussing your debt can be stressful and often embarrassing. our team is here to listen, without judgement, so that we can help you find the solutions to get you and your business debt free and stress free!

    One very important thing to remember is that time is of the essence and the longer you wait, the less options you'll have available.

    We are ready to help!

    or ☎️ us now at:

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    small business owners come to us for help.

    here's why & what some of them have to say about us.

  • They want to pay their creditors but can’t afford the payments.
  • They’ve already attempted negotiating on their own.
  • They can’t get any more financing.
  • Their cash flow is tight.
  • They can’t focus on their business and their debts at the same time.
  • They need better payment plans on their existing debt.
  • They want to avoid business bankruptcy.

  • or ☎️ us now at:

    (800) 944-6280

    Meet your team

    Our team has restructured/settled millions in MCA debt and we're here to help you take back control of your business.

    jeff kornfeld, principal & business debt consultant

    jeff is one of the 3 principal(s) here at value capital funding, a family-owned and operated business since 2018.

    jeff comes from a numbers crunching background having spent much of his career in the mortgage and insurance industries.

    Barry kornfeld, principal & business debt consultant

    Barry is another principal here at value capital funding and jeff's brother as well.

    barry has extensive experience in the financial & debt fields going all the way back to his career start in the mid 80's as a business credit analyst for a large regional bank in virginia.

    Ferne Kornfeld, principal & business debt consultant

    Ferne is Barry's wife and Jeff's sister-in-law and keeps both men on time and moving through their day!

    Ferne started out in the marketing & advertising field, took a 5-yr. hiatus from business to raise her 2 boys, and re-entered the workforce to work in the insurance & finance industry.

    payment analysts

    our payment analysts have extensive knowledge of the business debt field & come from a variety of backgrounds including banking, accounting, and personal debt resolution.

    their main focus is working to make clients' restructured mca debt payments affordable and sustainable throughout their program duration.

    case managers

    each client is assigned a case manager who will handle their day-to-day client communication and who will be responsible for updating the client as their restructuring negotiations progress. the case manager is also the point of contact regarding any & all communication going directly from the funders to the client.

    they are here to make the process of debt restructuring as seamless and painless as possible.

    your legal team

    Upon signing on for our debt restructuring program, your case will be carefully assessed and your legal team assigned.

    Your legal team will handle all legal negotiations as well as any other legal issues that may arise during your Debt restructuring Term. Naturally, your legal team will be integral to the restructuring process as a whole.

    or ☎️ us now at:

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    Value capital funding

    let us help you get back to your stress-free happy place.

    or ☎️ us now at:

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