Matthew Hagemann
Owner, Kander

We exist because of you!

We have been helping controls contractors convert JCI systems to Niagara since 2012. Even after more than 2,000 conversions, I am excited and grateful for every database that comes in for pricing.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to show you how cost-effective and efficient your JCI conversions can become. I look forward to working together.



Thank you for your interest in working with Kander! We can usually turn around a quote within a business day once we receive the information we need. Please click the site's particular JCI system below and follow the steps to retrieve the database.

After you collect the database, please click here to upload it to our Dropbox. Then sit back, relax, and you'll have your quote within a business day!

Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

MSEA Instructions

  1. 1.Locate machine with SCT hardware
    1. a.Login with credentials provided by the site or JCI.
  2. 2.Open SCT archive
    1. a.In the SCT, open the site's archive (Item >> Open Archive).
  3. 3.Upload the NCE/NAE/SNEs
    1. a.In the archive tree of the All Items tab, highlight all of the NCE/NAE/SNEs (CTRL+click) then go to Tools >>Manage Archive.
    2. b.In the wizard that pops up, make sure that "Upload From Device" is selected and hit Next until the end. It may make you stop on the Site Login page and test the login.
    3. c.Complete the login test and continue (If you are logged in through the ADS/server, check the box for "Communicate via site director" to use the ADS credentials).
    4. d.Hit Finish at the end and SCT will proceed to upload each of the selected devices. This ensures that we have the most recent version.
  4. 4.Export/Backup
    1. a.Once the uploads are completed, you can backup or export the entire archive. We prefer the export, which creates a .dbexport file.
    2. b.Go to Tools >>Database>> Export Database. It will default to a file name of "[archive_name].dbexport", change the name if you'd like and then choose a directory to save the file in. This is the only file that we will need.
    3. c.Alternately, a backup of the archive can be completed by going to Tools >>Database >>Create Backup. This automatically saves a file, "[archive_name].backup", to the DatabaseFiles directory (ProgramData/Johnson Controls/MetasysIII/DatabaseFiles). A backup file is acceptable but requires that SQL versions match on the original SCT machine and where it is to be restored. A dbexport file does not have this same requirement and is preferred.

PMI Instructions

  1. 1.Upload all NCMs to the archive workstation
    1. a.In PMI, expand "Devices"
    2. b.Select NCM to upload
    3. c.Under "Action" select "Upload"
  2. 2.Upload the global database
    1. a.Under "Action" select "Upload Global"
  3. 3.Decompile the database
    1. a.Go to the DOS prompt (directory doesn't matter)
    2. b.Type "UNDDL FMS"
    3. c.Hit Enter
    4. d.Answer "YES" to every question
  4. 4.Copy, zip, and send the following directories
    1. a.C:\\Custumac\\*.* (If there are any file here)
    2. b.C:\\Project\\Contract\DDL\\*.* (All subdirectories and files)
    3. c.C:\\Project\\Contract\\Netname\\GPL\\*.* (All subdirectories and files)
    4. d.C:\\Project\\Contract\\Netname\\Devices\\*.* (All subdirectories and files)
    5. e.C:\\Project\\Contract\\HVACPro\\*.* (All subdirectories and files)

Companion Instructions

  1. 1.Upload the database through Project Builder
  2. 2.Copy all of the .mpb files into a single zip file and send

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