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Event Sponsorship Proposal

Creative Purpose Productions

by Hattie Inese — Creative Director

CP Productions Presents

"FREEDOM" A Live Production

Creative Purpose Productions audience are between ages 18 - 35, artistic, creative, technologically savvy and highly active on social media.


Where creativity meets purpose

Creative Purpose is a platform where artist can collaborate and use their gifts to inspire. Creative Director, Hattie Inese, teamed up with local creatives such as poets, dancers and musicians to tell a story focused on purpose.

Our mission is to provide a positive outlet for artist ages 5 + to use their gifts to uplift not only themselves, but their community as well. Drawing diverse individuals together in a way that represents mutli-cultural, trans-generational, expression of the arts.

We believe in the power of ones voice, community as well as the ability to heal through the expression of creativity.

"FREEDOM" is a live production involving various artist who touch on every day societal struggles. In this production we highlight issues such as depression, self doubt, loss, fear and insecurity and bullying. Being able to address pressure from society as well as ones self. Understanding even "you" can keep yourself from being the best you can be. Our shows are created to leave the audience feeling hopeful and inspired.

July 12th 2020 we hosted a showcase at the ME Theatre Orlando (see below). This showcase is a review of what we have been working on. This showcase is a way to gain interest of the community as a prep to go live with a full production/show in Orlando October 16, 2021. A portion of the proceeds will go towards a free cretaive arts program for youth 8-18. As well as touring in 5 cities where we have support shortly after. This is where you come in!

Creative Purpose is seeking sponsors to assist with funding for the production tour, payment for the artist as well as assist in funding our free creative arts program for the youth in our community. Artist who have a sincere passion for what they do and strive for opportunities to inspire their community. We would like to present you with the opportunity to help us build & heal our communities.

Sponsorship Options

Creative Purpose would like to hear from you. Tell us more about your goals and where we can fit into that.

If you are interested in being a sponsor please email us and we will connect with you directly.

In understanding what your goals are and where we fit into that, together we can come to an agreement as to what that would cost and draft up a personal package that would entail what you’d get out of it. 

Together we can co-create an experience that will better the community where we reside/do business. While cultivating the untapped talent in our area.

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