Creating a visible shift in safety performance, leadership and culture.

Why is safety and wellbeing important to us?

Australia is up there with the best in the world with regards to injury and fatality rates – world's best practice, policies, equipment, training, yet people are still hurt at work – WHY? What else can we do, what is missing?

For over a decade, it was the role of Veraison and founders Ash and Abby Hunt to provide Critical Incident Response counselling to the many family and workmates of people who had been killed at work. Ash and Abby will forever be changed by this gut-wrenching work and it has fueled a commitment to do whatever they could to prevent workplace injuries and deaths.

At Veraison and, we have a deep commitment to assisting individuals, teams and organisations to thrive.

We believe in Evidence Based Practice and use empirical assessment tools to measure the success of all our work. As such, we’ve amassed extensive data across multiple sectors for more than 20 years.

Through partnerships with various universities we have conducted detailed data analysis and have discovered some incredibly important research findings that we’re willing and eager to share. Our intention is that by sharing these findings that it will assist more and more people to perform more effectively and more safely.

What we've learned through this extensive research and years working with leaders, safety reps and frontline workers is that most people are well-intentioned and have a commitment to safety, and they care about their teammates, but it's the 'blind spots' and contradictions that interfere with their ability to achieve their potential as high performing safety leaders.

Understanding these blind spots, and the views that interfere with our ability to reach our potential is what drove the development of the ISA 360 and IASC diagnostics.