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Having worked with Care Providers in the Care Industry for almost 20 years, we were noticing the growing anxiety and lack of confidence in many leaders. Experiencing major changes in the Industry such as changes to funding models, introduction of new Quality Standards as well as a plethora of negative perceptions from the Royal Commission, leaders were sharing their fears openly and wondering how they can lead effectively through all of these changes.

Many leaders spoke of not knowing whether they are doing things well enough, feeling like there were so many spinning plates and not knowing how to prioritise them all and keep them spinning all at once.

We wanted to create something that would help leaders to gain confidence around their strengths that were identified by others; offer some reassurance in many of their capabilities, and also help raise their attention to any blindspots that if they focus on and develop would have a massive impact on themselves, their teams, and customers.

Whilst there are many wonderful leadership assessment tools on the market, none were Care Industry specific, so we set out to develop CILCA 360, an all in one assessment tool that measures Leadership Capability against the five Australian Aged Care Leadership Domains, as well as measurement against the Aged Care Quality Standards.

To complement the CILCA we developed the CISCA to assess Team Capability as well as staff engagement and customer engagement. This all in one assessment allows organisations to compare site performance and understand where specific focus is required.

Whilst data may not be exciting to some, we view data as telling us the Human Story. Patterns and themes can then help in influencing decisions in the industry. Choosing CILCA 360 and CISCA is not only good for your organisation but for the whole sector. Data will be treated compassionately and confidentially and themes extrapolated to one day influence Government policy, funding and provide industry benchmarking.

Care Quality = Leadership Capability + Staff Capability

Our Research

After assessing leadership and front line care capability across Australia, we have found:

Higher performing leaders have more engaged staff

Leaders who demonstrate high competency in each aspect of the Australian Aged Care Leadership Capability Framework and Standards (measured by CILCA 360) have more engaged staff than those who perform poorly in CILCA 360.

When staff are more engaged, consumers have a better experience of the service they receive

Consumers and their family members were more satisfied and provided a higher NPS for teams and sites that have a higher care capability (measured by CISCA) compared to lower performing teams.

CILCA 360 is the leadership assessment tool designed specifically for care industry leaders.

It provides an opportunity to transform individual leadership and performance by understanding current views, beliefs and behaviours and exploring alternate views.

CILCA 360 uses both self-assessment and feedback from others to identify current and desired capability across 5 key leadership areas;

  • Leading Self – relationship with, understanding of, and care for self.
  • Leading Others – ability to relate to, communicate with, and work effectively with others.
  • Leading Business – management of business resources to achieve organisational goals.
  • Leading Purpose – ability to articulate and promote the organisation’s spirit, purpose and strategic direction.
  • Leading Change – capacity to foster a working environment that encourages creative and holistic approaches.

It also measures capability within the relevant Care Standards;

  • Care Standards – behaviours expected by the industry to provide quality of care that supports positive client and organisation outcomes.

The Standards domain is customised based on the needs of your organisation or industry. Choose from; Aged Care Quality Standards or NDIS Standards.

CISCA is the assessment tool specifically designed for teams in the care industry. CISCA is the window through which we can see the correlations between staff capability, engagement, and their ability to deliver high quality care, assessed through self and customer feedback.

The purpose of CISCA is to capture the current snapshot of the entire team’s care capability and performance, and by comparing the views of different feedback providers allows us to understand any blind spots that might be present.

It shines a spotlight on the most significant gaps for the team and organisational capability, engagement and culture, and provision of care, by understanding the current and desired performance, and additional feedback across multiple areas.

CISCA uses data to create insights to drive organisational clarity, focus investment, change and performance.

CISCA measures:

  • Care Capability - The entire team's performance in 6 Domains that enable great quality care
  • Engagement - Staff engagement levels to understand on a deeper context what they are currently experiencing in the workplace, provided as an engagement %
  • Consumer Satisfaction - The team's performance to deliver the relevant Standards, customer satisfaction and Net Promotor scores and open text feedback from customers and their family members.
  • Culture - Overall culture at a team or site level.

How does it work?

The survey is open to all staff and consumers (customers who receive care, and their family members) of a discrete care team. Team members and their Leaders participate by completing an online survey about the entire team and provide feedback across all areas. Consumers provide feedback on the teams ability to deliver on the Care Standards, and their Satisfaction with the care they receive.

The CISCA process is administered completely online, with options for paper surveys to be provided for consumers if needed. Reports are supplied in electronic and hard copy.

Benefit to your organisation:

CISCA allows Benchmark each team's performance and engagement across your organisation and the entire care industry, and target key areas in team and organisational development.

Combining the CILCA and CISCA gives you the full picture of leadership impact and staff capability, engagement & culture.

Example | Residential Aged Care Facility 155 Staff

Understanding the Care Manager's Leadership Capability using CILCA 360

This leader was described as 'lovely' by her team but took too much on, does everything herself and ultimately disempowers her staff.

Her biggest capability gaps identified by CILCA 360 were:

•Communicates effectively

•Provides clear feedback

•Creates a motivating climate

•Good teacher

Understanding the Team's Capability using CISCA

The team's biggest capability gaps correlated with the leaders, helping her to understand her impact on the capability, engagement and culture of her site.

The team's biggest gaps were:

•Adjust well to change

•Cope well with stress/pressure

•Enthusiastic approach to work

•Manage team conflict

•Aware of their impact on others

Linking it to the Customer Experience

This site had the lowest Customer Satisfaction and Consumer NPS across the whole organisation

They also were an underperforming site when comparing org performance metrics

•25% staff turnover

•14% ER Cases

•Did not meet training compliance org target

•Largest leave liability across the organisation

On average, as care capability increases, staff culture score and staff engagement also increase. Focusing on improving perceptions of organisational culture will likely lead to a more engaged workforce and improved customer outcomes.

Once I know where I am at, what do we do about it?

How do I create a shift?

Transforming your Culture

Imagine and design your preferred future, then discover the best path to get there

Our transformational approach below starts with using the diagnostics to get clear on your Current Situation.

Then we partner with you to for find the best path to your desired or Preferred culture.

Please contact us to find out more.

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