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When you sign up with Content Refined, you will be directed to one Project Manager for your order. This Project Manager will be your one and only point of contact for all of your content needs. Should you have any questions, comments, or requests, your Project Manager will be available via email or a Skype/Zoom call to discuss your needs. Read more about our story and our individual team members here: Our Story

Our Project Managers each have their own teams of content writers and editors. This ensures that schedules remain organized and manageable at all times.

This overview discusses our processes and methodology as follows:

1. Keyword Research Standards:

The foundation of our articles is a strong primary keyword that is highly probable of ranking. We find the right keyword, and create an article title around it.

2. Writing Standards

Once the keywords and article titles have been approved by the client, the Project Manager assigns the articles to their writing team.

3. Editing Standards

Our editors are the final step before publication. A thorough quality check includes checking for plagiarism, editing the writing carefully, and running each article through a content gap analysis and keyword optimization tool.

4. Publishing Standards

Our publishers follow a standard protocol for nicely formatting your articles with stock photography and ensuring search engine optimization.

Our Keyword Research Standards

There are a lot of keyword research tools and methods out there.

That's why we regularly test our own delivered content against the tools we are using to ensure that only the most accurate and efficient methods are at work here at Content Refined.

We have verified three essential components of each chosen keyword; (1) monthly search volume, (2) competition score, and (3) domain authority of competitors. So, when performing keyword research, we target the following measurements:

  • 1.A monthly search volume of over 500.
  • 2.A competition score under 30%.
  • 3.The majority of the top 10 competing websites with that keyword have a domain authority score under 30.
  • These measurements are flexible according to your content needs (eg. international location, site traffic, niche, etc.).

    We have also verified that the most accurate keyword research tools currently available are SECockpit by SwissMadeMarketing, and These are the two tools we use to perform our keyword research.

    (In late 2017, we had a data analyst with a Master of Science in Statistics from Texas A&M University review our statistical analysis and verify our findings.)

    Our Writing Standards

    Our Project Managers are responsible for maintaining teams of excellent writers. We only hire native English writers who can pass a series of grammar and content creation tests. Our relationships with writers are dependent on great communication and clarity of requirements. If a client has specific requests for the writing style and subject matter, they may provide their Project Manager with a 'content brief', which will be passed along to the writer.

    Project Managers frequently review and renew their writing teams. Only the best writers on a team will be provided the opportunity to write for our clients.

    A minimum of 1000 words per article is recommended for search engine ranking. That's why our content packages are based on 1000 word articles. If you require shorter or longer content, we are happy to work with your needs.

    Our Editing Standards

    Our Editors are masters of proofreading.

    First, they run each article through a program that checks for plagiarism, ensuring that each article is truly original content. The tool we're currently using for this process is CopyScape.

    Then, they carefully go through each article, editing for spelling, grammar, flow, and readability.

    Lastly, they run each article through a keyword optimization program to naturally weave in more secondary keywords wherever they can. This greatly helps in filling 'content gaps' that the writer may have missed. The tool we're currently using for this process is MarketMuse. MarketMuse has proven to greatly increase the probability of ranking in search engines.

    Our Publishing Standards

    Publishing requirements tend to be subjective.

    Every client has their own processes for formatting and optimizing an article before publishing. For that reason, we have a set of standards that we follow, that have proven to increase the probability of ranking. We will upload your articles directly to the back end of your site (Wordpress or Shopify) with the following standard components:

  • 1.Short URL slugs that include the keyword.
  • 2.H2 and H3 tags for headings and subheadings.
  • 3.Stock photography related to the subject matter (obtained from iStock, and/or StockUnlimited).
  • 4.Meta description for the article.
  • 5.A few inbound and outbound links to relevant pages.
  • 6.Category tags.
  • 7.If you have an Amazon Affiliate website, we will embed your affiliate tag into your product links.
  • We can publish the articles directly to your website, schedule them out for the upcoming month, or leave them in draft mode for your review. The choice is yours.

    We recommend that clients review their content briefly before publishing, in order to fulfill any personal preferences in terms of word choice, style, formatting, or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) checklists.

    If you prefer to be sent the content as a zip file via email instead of having us upload for you, we are happy to do so.

    While content marketing costs 62% less than outbound marketing, it generates more than three times as many leads.

    -Content Marketing Institute

  • What if I don't like the content?

    We are very proud of our tried and true methods of content creation. Because of the amount of content we produce, we ask that our clients handle small revisions (like word choice, rephrasing a sentence or two, etc.) on their end. However, if we, for some reason, completely miss the mark on an article in terms of subject matter, we will have that article rewritten for you at no additional charge.

    To avoid content that doesn't suit your brand or personal preferences, we recommend that every client provide us with some background on their website and their goals for the overall branding and style. This information will be passed along to the writer, as will any content briefs for specific material.

    Who does the content legally belong to?

    When we send you your order via email or upload it to the back end of your website, it becomes 100% your (the client's) property. You are free to edit and do whatever you like with the content.


    Consistency and quality works.

    Here are some examples of real results from our clients who have invested in our content marketing services. The website names are hidden to protect client confidentiality.

    Example 1:From 0 to 2.2k monthly traffic in 4 months.

    Example 2:From 0 to 618 monthly traffic in 2 months.

    Example 3:This client's organic traffic was dropping in June, so they put in a big order for content. Now, one month later, their traffic is higher than ever and growing every day as their new content matures.

    (Data received from SEMRush.)

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