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Who are we?

“All truth passes through three stages: First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as self-evident.” - Arthur Schopenhauer

This is the story of Rapid.ai (Formerly iSchemaView) and the RAPID platform.

For more than 20 years, most believed that doctors had only a few hours after a stroke to provide treatment. But we were never satisfied with that thinking. iSchemaView Co-Founders Dr. Greg Albers and Dr. Roland Bammer were determined to expand the treatment window for stroke. 

The RAPID neuro-imaging platform creates high-quality images from non-contrast CT, CT angiography, CT perfusion, and MRI diffusion and perfusion studies in email, the RAPID mobile app, and PACS.

It is the first and only validated and clinically proven solution.

Our Products

Solving a real problem


Enables you to decipher regions of abnormal cerebral hemodynamics. Maps provide unparalleled quality and clinical validation.


Helps you better visualize the cerebral arteries. It’s automatic. And provides clear, easy-to-interpret CTA maps.


Allows identification of brain areas with low ADC values, and delayed contrast arrival. Fully automated, state-of-the-art diffusion and perfusion maps.


Provides automated scoring to assess early signs of brain ischemia. A state-of-the-art digital imaging solution.

Read more about our products here.

40 + Countries | 250,000 Scans per year |1,000+ Hospitals

The 5 exciting TECHNICAL problems we have to solve;

  • 1.Rewrite our modulized metadata-driven processing platform that can operate in both a multi-tenant cloud environment and single-tenant on-premise environments.
  • 2.Could we leverage GPU in the cloud to improve the performance of ML algorithmic modules, while running the same modules on CPU on-premise?
  • 3.How we upgrade software remotely to on-premise servers in thousands of hospitals around the world
  • 4.How do we transport big DICOM data from hospitals to the cloud and back fast
  • 5.How do we transport sizeable images to support a rich image manipulating user experience on the mobile app without significant delay?
  • Can you help us solve these?

    The 5 exciting PRODUCT problems we have to solve;

  • 1.We are the worldwide leader in stroke imaging processing over 400 cases a day from over 1200 sites around the world. How can we leverage this? How do we channel this data into our product?
  • 2.How do we build out a reporting platform to add value to executives at large hospital systems, physicians and other key members of the stroke team?
  • 3.How do leverage mobile to break down process & communication barriers within a hospital and between hospitals to streamline stroke patient care and save more lives? 
  • 4.What are the key integrations/partners we should focus on to broaden our stroke care offering?
  • Can you help us solve these?

    Meet our team

    We are an experienced group of neurologists, radiologists, technologists and serial entrepreneurs.

    Our team has deep expertise across clinical and imaging disciplines, paradigm-shifting technology, and management/investor experience. Together, we are now redefining how technology and medicine can work together to solve neurovascular disorders in ways never before possible.

    Krates Ng
    VP of Engineering

    “We need build a strong & disciplined engineering team to help us build a secure, reliable, high-performance product to support doctors across over 1,000 hospitals to respond and make the best decisions for stroke patients quickly.  A stroke patient can lose millions of neurons every minute.  
    We process about a quarter of all stroke patients in the US and growing fast …. Physicians and doctors are and will be relying on our product and technology to better assess a patient's brain after a stroke”
    But don’t take my word for it, see for yourself https://ischemaview.com/trial-results

    New Tech Roles: We're hiring a Senior Data Engineer and a Senior Software Engineer to focus on Integrations.

    Rachel W
    Head of Product

    “were expanding our mission to cover more problems in the stroke space, such as selection (should i treat this patient? should i transfer this patient?) and workflow. Were thinking about how to leverage mobile- specifically notifications and messaging to help break this down and move teams from a serial process to a parallel one-- which saves time for the patient and could literally mean their life.
    We built the market for stroke imaging... we proved stroke could be treatable.. we are the gold standard globally (and selling like crazy internationally), but we are not done yet.. and are looking to solve more problems in the stroke care space with mobile, AI, and analytics.  

    Our Benefits

  • A privilege to build software with a direct and significant impact in saving lives.
  • A very profitable and high-growth company (>300% growth in 2018). A lot of upside without the typical level of risks
  • We don’t need to raise again - limited dilution
  • Be a part of revolutionising the HealthTech industry more broadly - and let's face it, we badly need it!


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