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Streamline Your B2B & MFT Consolidation

With 30 full time B2B consultants on staff, ComResource can quickly assess your environment and provide a plan that eliminates redundancies and transforms your current middleware environment to a streamlined, productive, and cost-effective goal state.

Why This Matters to You

Middleware is a key function of your business that often runs unnoticed in the background. Over time, as your business needs change and security increases, you likely will have multiple EDI and File Transfer solutions, resulting in a web of uncorrelated maps, multiple software support contracts, and the lack of visibility you need to run your business.

How We Can Help

Step 1

Assess your current EDI and/or MFT environment

  • Understand your current landscape
  • Discover your business drives, objectives, and growth

  • Step 2

    Provide a detailed roadmap, specific to your business, on how to consolidate your EDI and/or MFT environment

  • Take better advantage of current solutions
  • Consolidate legacy software packages
  • Reduce annual software & support costs

  • Step 3

    Discuss latest EDI & MFT solutions and trends and are they applicable to you

  • Containers (i.e. Docker)
  • APIs
  • WebServices
  • Direct Connections vs. VANs

  • Get Your Roadmap in as Little as 2 weeks

    All for a fixed price of: $5,000

    Let's Get Started

    Matt Miller

  • Director of Sales | ComResource B2B Integration
  • (614) 398-7001

  • Why ComResource

    ComResource is a subject matter expert in middleware, helping companies all around the world get more out of their B2B/EDI & MFT investments. We have successfully implemented over 50 B2B/EDI & MFT solutions in the last year alone in a variety of environments (e.g. on-prem, cloud, hybrid, managed services).

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