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Hip Hop Leaders STEM Event


Teen Global Cyber Security & A.I. Conference

Artificial Intelligence, Block Chain, Data Privacy Curriculum

A Hip Hop Leaders STEM Event

Teen Girls, and Underrepresented Groups will have a full 3-day, 2-night life-changing, college experience at The University of California at Berkeley.

Hip Hop Leaders


Frank Satterwhite, Founder —

Our Goal:

To glamorize being an IT Professional, the same way society glamorizes being a professional athlete or Hip Hop artist…

Students from California and military families around the world arrive to the conference sharing and celebrating a common ground—their “relationship” with Hip Hop. Yes, Hip Hop is global and because of this has the power to bring diverse groups of people together through a shared respect and love for the art and culture. We teach emerging technologies using the excitement, power, and context of the Hip Hop Culture. For example, students who wouldn't sit through a traditional A.I. class will instead learn to develop a Music Bot.

This STEM Event features Celebrity Guests, Public Figures, and Silicon Valley Mentors coupled with hands-on cyber security, artificial intelligence, block chain, and data privacy workshops. Most importantly throughout this event, teens will be having fun, because learning should be FUN.

The best part is that for the duration of this conference the selected youth will be staying in dorms and getting the full “college experience” just footsteps away from the Silicon Valley. This STEM event may reset TEEN expectations for their futures.

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Conference Agenda Outline

Day 1

  • Check into Dormitories: STEM Internships with our simulated Cyber & Emerging Technology Consulting Firm are given to each student
  • Workshop 1: Identify and Contain Cyber Class (ISACA Cyber Classes) Frank Satterwhite (Instructor) with Silicon Valley Mentors
  • Workshop 2: Eradicate/Recovery Cyber Class (ISACA Cyber Classes) Frank Satterwhite (Instructor) with Silicon Valley Mentors
  • Workshop 3: Stronger Data Privacy : Security Benefits Through Decentralization and the Future of the Internet. Altif Brown (Instructor)
  • Workshop 4: AI Bot Development & Blockchain Class. Francis Morelos & Akili Polee (Instructors)
  • Keynote Speaker Day 1, Vince Kohli
  • Workshop 5: Incident Response Report (ISACA Cyber Classes) Frank Satterwhite (Instructor)
  • Leadership Training / Fun Activity

  • Day 2

  • Workshop 6: Incident Response Report
  • Workshop 7: A.I. BOT / Block Chain Development Workshop. Francis Morelos & Akili Polee (Instructors) LIVE Global Broadcast
  • Power Women in Technology Panel (including breakout discussions and technical mentorship with teens) LIVE Global Broadcast
  • Guest Speaker Jaqueline Catala
  • Zayion McCall Celebrity Mentor Session, Teen Cyber & AI Presentations, LIVE Global Broadcast
  • Leadership Training / Fun Activity

  • Day 3

  • Champions Breakfast - Keynote speaker: Jennifer C, CFO of Golden State Warriors on the Value of Education and a FEARLESS approach to STEM (Parents welcome)
  • Dorm sweep and CHECK-OUT


    We are a California-based 501c3 non-profit organization, EIN 30-0160254:

    We teach youth through what they know best—technology and the hip hop culture. We use Hip Hop as our art, and genuinely engage teens into STEM careers.

    Hip Hop Leaders has followed industry innovators with the concept of S.T.E.A.M. and have added our version of an A (art) to STEM.

    We offer at risk-youth exposure to STEM career paths they may not otherwise have thought possible.

    Please connect with us if you are ready to help so we can begin to transform communities together.

    Sponsorship Opportunities

    Power Women In Technology Panel

    A Strong Audience: Many share our passion, and commitment to STEM for Everyone, Everywhere.

    We are passionate about providing access to STEM for underrepresented Groups, especially teen girls. And what we have found is that many, many, many women from all walks of life, are as well.

    Our Power Women in Technology Panel is unique and as of 2018, officially a permanent part of future Conferences. The Panel has transcended specific demographic groups. Support for our panel has attracted women from a wide age range, income, and international geographic demographic. Many of the Women that support our Conference are proven IT professionals, that are obviously technology savvy and highly active on social media. This is an amazing sponsorship opportunity for Constellations Labs. We can customize this panel to meet your organization's brand requirements.

    Champions Breakfast

    Mrs. Jennifer Cabalquinto, CFO of

    NBA Champion Golden State Warriors

    Value of Education & Fearless Approach to STEM

    A.I. Bots for Block Chain, Data Privacy Workshop

    featuring Francis Morelos & Akili Polee

    Exposures Include:

  • Complying with Data Privacy Regulations
  • Applying and inventing with Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Technology for Blockchain Technology
  • Learning Omnichannel “AI+Human” hybrid marketing strategies with automated CRM solutions
  • And much, much, more
  • zayion

    HHL Celebrity STEM Session with

    Zayion McCall

    "JuJu On That Beat" short performance

    45 million views on You Tube

    International Fans & Global Dance Craze

    Respected by Hip Hop Culture AND the Mainstream

    Featured on Ellen Degeneres, Live With Kelly... WHY? Kelly & Ellen wanted to learn the dance to "Juju on That Beat"

    Best of All, Zayion is socially responsible. Hip Hop Leaders: Students talk STEM and Social Responsibility

    Event ROI

    The Most Important Return: Reputation & Relationships

    Our Event is Unique. There are very few Social Initiatives that combine these specific elements allowing you to connect with such a wide variety of target demographics—not just your targets. The Global Hip Hop Market is undeniably worth billions and we are your pathway into this consumer group. Further, our Power Women In Tech Conference is fortunate to have this enormous, expansive support that is growing rapidly. There are so many people that share our passion for empowering Women and Underrepresented groups in STEM. The Power Women In Tech Conference is now a staple of our Conference as we produce this conference in cities around the world. Each city has its own, tech and social media savvy Hip Hop Community, as well as technology professionals, educators, women, non-profits, and teens.

    Sponsoring organizations such as ours, shows the world that you are socially invested and responsible. This will enhance consumer trust in your brand and increase your own visibility. Stand with us, enable these brilliant teens to be the next generation of IT, Cyber, & Emerging Technolgy Engineers. It has never made more business sense to do something good for the global community.

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