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Fully automated Business Development solution for Professional Services firms

Keep your clients as your clients.

Your clients are likely your firm's number one asset. Your firm's client relationships are what drive revenue, so monitoring, managing and protecting these relationships is key.

Client Sense provides you with the visibility and real-time trending required to accurately monitor and protect your client relationships via:

  • Accurate 360° relationship mapping
  • Relationship monitoring and trending
  • Active email, contact and meeting monitoring
  • Communication depth, frequency and recency

Without accurate visibility, you are leaving your Client Relationships to chance.

No data entry means you always have accurate and real-time visibility over your entire client network.

Client Sense provides seamless visibility and actionable insights across your greatest asset, your client relationships.

Join the dots

Client Sense automatically joins the dots for you, providing you with the answers you need to manage, protect and grow your client relationships.

1.Look who's talking

Benefit from accurate and firm-wide visibility across your client, contact and referral networks. Gain insight into communication, trends, meetings and known contacts both at an organisational and individual level. With accurate and real-time visibility over the relationships that drive your firm's revenue, you have the actionable insights required to strategically manage, protect and grow your business.

2. Keep your clients when staff move on

The sudden loss of a staff member can have a detrimental impact on your commercial relationships. Quickly and easily identify which organisations have held the most recent and frequent communication with that staff member. Determine which individuals within those organisations have held the strongest communication levels and then quickly identify which staff member is best to make contact and manage the change.

You can use Client Sense to identify the relationships most likely impacted ahead of a change, or use your new found visibility to assess the impact of a potential change.

3. It's who you know

Most commercial firms have active communication with around 5 to 8 times more businesses than they are actively working with at any point in time. This means that your firm and its people are already known to a host of organisations that could use your services. It is arguably much easier to win work from a known entity than investing in attracting and securing clients unknown to the firm.

If pitching for new work or targeting a new client, use Client Sense to understand if you already possess a known relationship that can improve your chances.

Use Client Sense to identify known relations of a potential hire or assess the newly formed relationships introduced as the result of a recent hire.

4. Keep your friends close

Staying in touch with key referrers is important. Referrers themselves may not be a client of your firm, but they can be a very important source of revenue. Client Sense allows you to stay abreast of your referral network, monitoring who is contacting them, and more importantly, where there has been no contact. It is typically too little too late once your firm comes to recognise that a referrer has stopped sending you work.

5. The only constant is change

Client Sense can be used to accurately maintain your email marketing lists or to address any email marketing 'bounce backs', identifying which staff member was last to receive contact and when. Use Client Sense to identify when and where that contact may 're-appear' within a new organisation, potentially opening up new opportunities for your firm.

Because Client Sense accurately monitors all external correspondence in real-time, the data from Client Sense can be exported and compared to clean up or maintain active clients lists in a range of different systems.

Getting started

Simplicity is beautiful

From the moment you connect Client Sense, you start to gain real-time visibility, with no need for:

  • Desktop software / Outlook plugins
  • Training sessions with busy professionals
  • Data entry from busy professionals
  • Project teams and lengthy deployments

How does it work?

  • Our team co-ordinate the install with your IT team
  • Client Sense starts joining the dots behind the scenes
  • You decide who should access the Client Sense interface
  • We provide your team with tailored training
  • You start to gain accurate and real-time visibility

Pricing is available online

Winning work: Most firms have a known network 5 times larger than their active client base.

It's who you know that counts

90 Second Overview

"Our staff are busy, that's how we like it and Client Sense allows us to keep it that way"

Managing Partner - Mid-tier Australian law firm.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Does Client Sense monitor firm correspondence sent from smartphones or just Outlook?

A) Client Sense connects to your firm's email server, monitoring all communication, including Outlook, smartphones and tablets.

Q) Does Client Sense read the content of an email?

A) No, Client Sense does not read the body of an email, it only reads the 'To', 'From', 'Date', 'Time' and the 'Subject' of meeting invites sent via your firm's email system.

Q) Do other organisations inform their staff they are using Client Sense?

A) Not usually, staff typically have agreed to the terms of using the firm's email system and Client Sense only monitors externalcommunication sent via the firm'semail system.

Q) What email systems does Client Sense support?

A) Client Sense works with Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Hosted Exchange. Note: Gmail and Hotmail are not supported.

Q) What is the minimum subscription commitment?

A) Your Client Sense subscription is based on a quarter by quarter (3 monthly) commitment only.