Union Wireless Gains Grassroots Awareness Through Remote Partnership

"Chatterkick seriously blows me away. I think how can this get any better, and y’all always hit it out of the park. Thank you for all that you do."

Myra Robinson — Event Manager, Union Wireless/Broadband

The Challenge

The Pain Point

Union Wireless/Broadband, a Wyoming-based Telecom Company, requested Chatterkick's help creating authentic community connections to reach new service areas.

With content primarily comprised of telecom stock photos, Union felt that their previous partners failed to understand their customers. And based on the low engagement Union was seeing, the customers could feel it too.

The Rocky Mountain Region communities have a specific point of view that doesn't necessarily align with the typical tourist or stock photo perspective.

Union wanted to tap into the authentic regional experience and lifestyle by showcasing its deep connection and investment in the community where they work and live.

The Solution

Leverage community-specific user-generated content to establish connections and build online relationships that continued with the offline experience, setting their sales team up for success.

The Strategy

Effective Collaboration
Acting as a true digital partner, Chatterkick worked closely with the Union Event Manager to identify target communities to engage with proactively.

Proactive Connections + Content Curation
Once identified, the Chatterkick team went to work curating location-specific user-generated content featuring local businesses, schools, events, and relatable lifestyle posts. Through this, Chatterkick created unique online connections which set the groundwork for the Union sales team to connect with the warm leads in the community.

PreSales Foundation
This grassroots approach and digital execution were in perfect alignment with the client's goals and in-person follow-up.

Resulting in expanded brand awareness and successfully positioned Union as the provider that the Rocky Mountain Region communities prefer over National brands.

The Results

Union saw a significant increase in engagements, impressions and average daily reach within the first 10 months of working with Chatterkick.

↑256% Engagements

↑609% Impressions

↑754% Average Daily Reach

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