The Maids Reaches Over 2.7M Users Through Viral TikTok and Reel

"I just love how we can always rely on you and I never have to worry about social."

Jessica Sampson, Director of National Branding at The Maids International

The Challenge

In October 2021, Chatterkick helped The Maids expand their digital footprint by leveraging new platforms and applications, TikTok and Instagram Reels. The Maids Challenged Chatterkick to develop relevant content optimized for each platform solidifying their social media stronghold.

About The Maids

The Maids is a quality leader among the many cleaning companies in the industry, servicing over 90 major U.S. and Canadian cities with more than 200 franchises. The mark of success in this industry is referrals, trust, and reputation management.

The Solution

A Comprehensive Strategy

Creative that Connects - Chatterkick creates TikTok and Reels with the audience in mind. We create authentic content using brand assets and innovative use of our tools at hand (aka - our phones!)

Understanding our Audience - After over a decade of partnership with The Maids, Chatterkick has an in-depth understanding of The Maids' target audiences'. By developing fun, informative and relatable content, Chatterkick is able to create a deep brand connection and brand loyalty. 

Always Optimizing - Chatterkick leveraged the original concept and video by optimizing the final content within each platform. By using the native tools, the final product had a seamless look and feel for each placement. 

The Results

>> Reel Results <<

2.3M Plays on Instagram and Facebook

51.5K Shares on Instagram

16.4K Likes on Instagram and Facebook

5.9K Saves on Instagram

446 Comments on Instagram

>> TikTok Results <<

464.3K Plays on TikTok

442,595 Users Reached in TikTok

2.8K Likes on TikTok

916 Shares on TikTok

198 Comments on TikTok

180 Saves on TikTok

1,424 Hours Total Play Time on TikTok

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