Siouxland Women's Health Care Reduces Cost Per Conversion By 80% In One Year

"I love what you have done in this short time!! Much more personalized and relevant."

Dr. LaFavor - Siouxland Women's Health Care

The Challenge

Siouxland Women's Health Care challenged Chatterkick to increase Google Ad conversions while reducing the cost per lead.

About Siouxland Women's Health Care

Siouxland Women’s Health Care has provided excellent gynecologic, obstetric, and preventative health care to women throughout the Sioux City area for more than 50 years.

Their goal is to provide quality, compassionate care for every stage of a woman's life.

The Solution

A Compounding Strategy

Keywords that Connects - Chatterkick reviewed the top keywords and phrases searched for the region and industry to develop a strategic, tailored keyword list.

Positive Results with Negative Keywords - To ensure optimal results and minimize wasted budget through wrong number calls, Chatterkick developed a robust negative keyword list.

Monitoring and Measuring - Chatterkick continually optimized targeting and lists to prioritize what was working and minimize what wasn't.

The Results

80% Decreased Cost Per Conversion year over year

88% Below the Industry Average cost per conversion

*Conversions on Google Ads equal phone calls >30 seconds.

4.4X Industry Average click-through rate

4.8X Industry Average conversion rate

36% Decreased Cost Per Click year over year

22x Increased Conversions year over year

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