CEO Sees 10x Increase in Earned Media Value Through Personal Branding Initiative

"Thank you! Loving the posts and the activity."

CEO, Personal Branding Client

The Challenge

Use social media tools and tactics to establish a solid foundation for personal branding and expertise while simultaneously saving time and resources for the client.

Why Personal Branding

Whether you know it or not, you have a brand. Your experience, insights, and expertise are powerful tools that, when done with intention, can create an influential brand that is uniquely you.

By creating consistent, authentic content, your authority and influence grow with your connections and followers. This growth translates into deeper relationships, increased opportunities, and potential business growth.

The Solution

A Compounding Strategy

Curated Content That Connects - Curating a mix of industry, business, and personal content ensured that the client's personal brand remained authentic, multi-dimensional, and engaging.

Continuous Consistency - Consistency is crucial. By establishing a consistent cadence of 2 LinkedIn posts per week, we ensured our client's relevance within their network and beyond.

Long-Form Insights - We made the development and deployment of long-form content creation a quick and easy process for our client. From leading content strategy and positioning, to copy outline development, and ghostwriting the final article, the client was able to share industry insights, personal triumphs, or business recommendations. This minimal lift for the client resulted in a maximum benefit on their behalf, with an average article engagement rate of 39%.

Pro-Active Interactions - Through thoughtful comments or supportive reactions, we interacted with our client's network to foster relationships and build the foundation for future connections.

Profile Review and Optimization - Ensuring all information is current, accurate, and optimized for the network.

The Results

The results below reflect the progress over eight months.

10x Increase in Earned Media Value

Calculated as Earned Media Value (EMV) = (Views / 1000) * Cost Per Mille (CPM)

10x Increase in Views

Reaching potential connections and staying relevant within the current personal network.

5x Increase in Published Posts

With a minimal time commitment by the client. (An average of <1 hour per month.)

23x Increase in Comments

Fostering conversations and deepening connections.

9x Increase in Reactions

Reinforcing content relevancy.

Engagement Rate 36x Higher Than LinkedIn Benchmark

Solidifying the role of an industry thought leader.

7% Network Growth

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