Revitalizing Lapine Inc.'s Digital Presence to Reflect Innovation and Engage Audiences

"I want to reiterate how much we enjoy working with you."

-Seth Diamond, Chief Insights Officer, Lapine Inc.

About Lapine Inc.

A leader in innovative and incentive products.

Lapine Inc. specializes in creating products that resonate with consumers and amplify brand messages.

Known for its creative solutions, technology, and global supply chain management services, Lapine prides itself on turning big ideas into tangible results. Operating in a dynamic environment, they offer services in various domains like merchandising, insights, operations, and marketing. Lapine Inc was acquired by adm Group, one of the largest independent sustainable brand execution businesses in the world.

The Challenge

A Disjointed Digital Identity Hiding True Innovation

Lapine Inc. found that its cutting-edge business and innovative products were overshadowed by an outdated and confusing online presence. The company's multifaceted operations, spanning multiple business units, resulted in a fragmented online story. This disjointed narrative failed to engage customers, prospects, and even employees, undermining the company's innovative spirit and market position.

The Solution

Comprehensive Rebranding and Digital Overhaul by Chatterkick

To tackle this challenge, Chatterkick collaborated with the Lapine Inc. Creative Director and team on a total rebrand and digital revamp. This overhaul encompassed visual and messaging updates across various social channels. Key to this transformation was the engagement with team members from different business units, ensuring a cohesive reflection of the company's multifaceted personality online. Chatterkick's approach included active participation in company strategy sessions and integrating Lapine's core values into its social content, thus creating a unified and compelling digital identity.

The Results

Substantial growth in digital engagement and audience reach.

The digital revamp resulted in significant improvements across various metrics:

7% Engagement Rate across Facebook and LinkedIn

33% Increase in Impressions on Facebook

53% Increase in Engagement Rate on Facebook

600% Increase in Post Link Clicks on Facebook

266% Increase in Social Shares on Facebook

133% Increase in Social Shares on LinkedIn

981% Increase in Audience Growth on LinkedIn

41% Increase in Web Traffic to

>3 Minutes on Site

by 4.68% of total web traffic

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