Hill Brothers Transportation Lead Generation Increases by 223% in 3 Months

"All the Drivers we've brought in have mentioned our Facebook page. It's been really impactful in a positive way."

Katie — Hill Brothers Transport

The Challenge

Hill Brothers Transportation challenged Chatterkick to increase quality leads while simultaneously reducing the cost per lead.

About Hill Brothers Transportation

With over 35 years of experience, Hill Brothers Transportation is a family-owned trucking company committed to hard work, dedication, and innovative truck driving technology.

The Solution

A Compounding Strategy

Creative that Connects - Chatterkick reviewed and updated the creative to appeal to Hill Brothers' ideal target audience of 35+ Midwestern men.

On-Site Content Captures - Sharing the stories of why people love their job at Hill Brothers is an integral part of the creative process and imperative to the campaign's success. Chatterkick collected testimonials from Hill Brother's drivers during an on-site video content capture.

Refined Targeting - By further optimizing the targeting strategy, Chatterkick pivoted from micro-targeted campaigns to regional targeting, allowing the budget to go even further and work within Facebook.

Monitoring, Engaging, and Measuring - Chatterkick regularly engages in recruitment conversations on behalf of the client. These conversations include interactions with current drivers, their spouses, and prospective drivers. This active community engagement results in a direct return on investment by contributing to driver retention and the vetting and curation of quality candidates.

The Results

223% Lead Increase in Q1

27% Decrease in Cost Per Lead in Q1

80% Increase in Impressions in Q1

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