Arey Jones Increases Leads by 200% in the B2B Tech Education Industry

About Arey Jones

As a trusted leader in educational technology, Arey Jones has been committed to helping create the best learning environments possible by providing customized solutions that enable the creation of 21st century learning spaces which support creativity, collaboration, innovation, and critical thinking. 

Arey Jones is one of the leading educational technology suppliers to K-12 school districts nationwide, with a heavy concentration in the Southeast and the Western US. Their dedication to the K-12 market and goal of total customer satisfaction uniquely positions the brand as a premier service and hardware provider in education.

The Challenge

The Pain Point

Arey Jones engaged Chatterkick to improve their digital presence and drive sales and conversions from their social media channels and website. Their previous website had been dated and no longer functioned on a mobile device. They had no social media presence and knew their audience was interacting in that space. With a finite number of customers that need their products, targeting a niche audience of IT decision-makers within the education industry presented a unique challenge. The Arey Jones team was looking for a partner that could lead the strategy, design, and analysis of their brand online with limited time commitment from their internal team.

The Solution

A Comprehensive Strategy

Chatterkick created a comprehensive digital strategy to establish Arey Jones as a leader in the education space. During the COVID19 pandemic, the need to drive conversations, partner referrals, website conversions, and communicate digitally was heightened. Chatterkick developed audience-specific content alongside tradeshow outreach and optimized advertising campaigns. We leveraged the Hubspot and Salesforce integration with proper Facebook Pixel implementation including, custom audiences and remarketing. Our ongoing partnership with Arey Jones has resulted in continual sales and lead growth, agile adjustments, and alignments with their team. Total website leads continue to grow as well as overall audience size and engagement.

Highlight Technology Partners by sharing content and interacting with them on social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Increase Web Leads with Targeted Ads on social media and Google ads. With a combination of custom audiences and interest-based targeting, Chatterkick developed an ad strategy that maximized learning and testing while still focusing on conversions and sales.

Tradeshow Alignment and Targeted Outreach strategies were used to focus on quality touchpoints and increase brand awareness to potential prospects. Chatterkick followed all tradeshows Arey Jones was attending, interacted with key accounts on their social media channels, and developed social media content aligning with each tradeshow or event.

Hubspot CRM Connection + Prospect Reporting by using the lead form integration in Hubspot. This integration allowed Chatterkick to view the lead pipeline and contact data to further assist Arey Jones in the sales process by making connections with high-intent prospects on social media. Visibility into website visitors was also leveraged with the Hubspot prospects tool to detect the IP address for each page view. Arey Jones was able to surface publicly available information about the company associated with the visitor's IP address to learn more about the visitors to their site.

The Results

200% Increase in Website Leads

The Arey Jones brand was able to digitally transform its online lead capture process and continues to increase the number of leads generated every year--accumulating a 200% increase over a 3 year period. In addition, they've been able to generate top of mind awareness with key partners and have engaged regularly with the highly active educational community who are excited to discover new tactics and tools for their learning environments.

69% Increase in Total Website Sessions

563% Increase in Social Engagement (112K Engagements)

802% Increase in Platform Audience Growth (2,264)

Audience Gained By Month

Content Samples

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