Maximizing Industry Influence Through Strategic Thought Leadership

"You guys are killing it by the way- love everything you are doing!"

Liz Wayne - Owner and Founder of Able Transport Solutions

The Challenge

In a male-dominated logistics industry, Able Transport Solutions faced the dual challenge of establishing its authority and increasing brand awareness. Additionally, there was a need to highlight Liz Wayne's expertise and thought leadership in this sector.

About Able Transport

Specializing in heavy haul and over-dimensional freight, Able Transport Solutions has established itself as a key player in the logistics industry. Led by Liz Wayne, the company prides itself on efficient, reliable service tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.

The Solution

LinkedIn Thought Leadership Campaign

To address these challenges, Able Transport Solutions implemented a LinkedIn Thought Leadership campaign. This strategy involved promoting Liz Wayne's personal content on the company's LinkedIn page, leveraging her insights and expertise to engage with a wider audience.

The campaign focused on sharing thought-provoking content that showcased Liz's deep understanding of the logistics industry, coupled with strategic ad placements to maximize reach and engagement.

The Results

These results significantly outperformed other brand ads run by Able Transport Solutions during the same period, highlighting the effectiveness of the thought leadership approach.

Reached 63% More Users

Vs. the average brand ad during the same time frame.

73% Lower Cost Per Result

Vs. the average brand ad during the same time frame.

62% More Impressions

Vs. the average brand ad during the same time frame.

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