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Dear CMSolutions member,

We are very excited to support CMSolutions members and provide you with our workplace benefits program to help increase your Employee Value Proposition.

With over 35 years of industry experience in Vehicles, Taxation, Compliance, and Salary Packaging Solutions, we assist companies, large and small on how to enhance the financial outcomes for all your employees.

It is designed to increase employees' pay, support your culture, helping generate positive employee experiences, drive retention, and to help underpin your company’s success & your employee’s happiness and motivation.

To maximise the benefits of salary packaging, we work closely with your management team, HR & payroll, to ensure a stress-free experience making sure the right language is used that supports your culture to generate positive employee experiences and engagement with everybody involved.

Please scroll through the following pages to see how you can benefit by partnering with us.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Kylie Everett - Business Relationship Manager

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Products & Services

Our person-centered approach is fundamental to delivering the best financial outcomes and maximum tax-saving benefits for all your employees.

Your employees will have access to products and services they normally couldn't get their hands on and the opportunity to take home more pay with;

  • no interruptions
  • no FBT liability
  • no cost to your business
  • no increased wages bill


Applicable to Public Benevolent Institutions only  

Employees can pay for some of their living expenses from their pre-tax salary.

We manage all eligible benefits, with full reporting and login functionality for everyone.

  • General Living. Enjoy $15,900 ($30,000) grossed up) tax-free money
  • Mortgage & Rent
  • Meal & Entertainment Card. Enjoy $2,650 tax-free money ($5,000 ‘grossed-up’) 
  • Pre-Paid Cards. We have partnered with Beyond Bank to provide you with the convenience of using a benefits card to avoid all the packaging paperwork.



We have the software and systems in place that streamlines all the administration, payroll, reporting & management processes - Risk & Stress-Free.

Personalised Payroll Employee login portals allowing access to instant reporting including expected payroll payments, GST reports, and FBT reports.

3. AutoTender

It is designed to take the risk out of buying and financing a new car to get the best deal possible with the least effort.

  • Your employees will have access to competitive (fleet) pricing that you normally could not get your hands on and a platform that does the leg work for you - saving you an enormous amount of time, money energy, and effort.
Because you are part of CMSolutions you get access to AutoTender for free:


The most popular TAX EFFECTIVE & FINANCIALLY BENEFICIAL way to purchase, run & maintain a vehicle

Jarrod from Stonehaus recently saved $8,133.07 pa in tax (a total of $40,665.35 over the 5-year term) on his novated lease - Plus he saved $21,111.91 on his brand new 2020 Mercedes K series using AutoTender! 


This is a great perk with instant financial benefits.

Find out how your Employees can pay for their next holiday with their car at home:

  • No Finance required
  • Employees reduce their tax
  • Increase their family income
  • Zero upfront fee


Independent Competitive Finance Rates available if a novated lease is not suitable

  • Personal Car Loans
  • Chattel Mortgages


The FAST - FREE & EASY way to SELL your CAR

  • Get the best price on your car within 24 hours
I made an additional $3,000 using this service, compared to the trade in offer I received for my Jeep.


By packaging the cost of your new Portable Electronic Device (PED) you can save on tax and increase your take-home pay. A laptop, notebook computer, iPad or similar portable computer is one of the most popular items to package.

For example: on an average wage of $60,000 with a laptop worth $2,000 the employee will save approx. $800 pa in PAYG tax.
  • We will provide you with a procurement portal for your company and all your staff to access the best prices on laptops and portable devices. The portal is designed to latch onto the cheapest in-stock product available so customers are guaranteed of the best price and quick turn around and delivery.
  • 6 rules of claiming portable devices (PED's

9. Vehicle Subscriptions

Sustainable, Cost-effective, Flexible Vehicle Solutions

Our car subscription is similar to that of your phone or pay-TV subscription service.

  1. 1.You have a set term that you get your vehicle for (4, 6, or 9 months) at a set fee per fortnight or month.
  2. 2.At the end of that term, you can get a brand-new one or just hand it back, simple!
  3. 3.Perfect for employees on;
  • Temporary Work 457 Visas
  • Probation Period
  • or employees that can't get finance for what-ever reason.

Improve & Enhance Your Employees Culture & Financial Outcome by partnering with National Salary Packaging.

Did you know, acccording to. AMP's Financial Welness report (Jan 2019) 2.44 million Australians suffer from anxiety around money, with about 2 in 5 being effected at some point during thier careers.

Happy Employees Drive Your Business Forward

Firms that consistently Attract & Retain motivated committed staff, THRIVE.

That means, while money is just one factor, salaries and bonuses are directly linked to your company’s success which means employees’salaries and benefits are vital business decisions.

Financial Benefits help underpin your company's success & your Employee's Motivation

Offering extra financial perks attract highly skilled people.

In fact, according to the HR Institute, has found, "the lure of better pay elsewhere is reported as the second strongest factor in why employees say they leave" Moreover, financial perks help sustain your employees lifestyles - and are a major determinant where someone chooses to work.

Extra Perks contribute to higher staff retention, better productivity & higher level of output

Giving Employees additional financial benefits supports their financial security and encourages them to deliver above-average work and effort. This is because when money is less of a concern, workers can more fully focus on their projects.

They have fewer worries about staying financially afloat, which makes them more present in the office, leading to higher levels of productivity and better quality of work.

What is the cost of staff retention in your business?

Frequent turnover has a negative impact on employee morale, productivity, and company revenue.

Recruiting and training a new employee requires staff time and money.

Many studies show that the total cost of losing an employee can range from tens of thousands of dollars to 1.5 - 2X annual salary.

"National Salary Packaging provides far superior products and services than what we previously had in place. They personally saved me an additional $70 per week and 1 year off my existing provider's quote. PLUS they have saved our employees and our member's thousands of dollars in tax - creating more cash flow for us all"

— Richard Stokes. CEO Australian Boarding School Association

"When comparing salary packages for my brand-new Volvo XC60, I thought saving $12,000 in tax over the 5-year term was good, but when NSP reviewed that quote, they ended up saving me $32,920 in tax. That is $20,920 more cash in my pocket. Thank you NSP, I couldn't be more grateful"

- Anita Crestani, Commercial Manager, Dunlop Flooring

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