Planning. Alignment. Accountability. Focus.

We've helped hundreds of people gain alignment and productivity by getting all of the cool things out of their heads and into an actionable plan.

How will you plan to be successful this year?

"Mark, Maren and Jim created, led, and executed a strategic planning program that greatly enhanced my ability to lead my organization."

Howard Aronson, Managing Partner

The Challenge

Getting teams to agree to action can be easy; keeping them aligned and focused on the right action is the challenge. Often, organizations miss critical targets because their teams were simply putting time, effort and resources in the wrong places.

Lack of clarity will cause your team to pump the brakes.

Sometimes competing priorities or uncertainty can cause hesitation or distraction, leaving your team to focus on the work that feels most urgent—or that they enjoy the most. At the end of the year you might look up and realize the company didn’t achieve what you had hoped to accomplish. You look back and wonder if you could have done something different to help the team deliver on the numbers you needed.

Whether it’s delivering on strategic objectives or hitting a sales target, the only way to create clarity, stay focused, and ensure alignment across an organization is through a concise, easily understood, visible, measurable plan.  

The Solution

Gain alignment, increase productivity, drive accountability, and hit your objectives.

A compounding strategy


Creating the right plan helps you get everyone in the organization on the same page. They’ll know what the company is trying to achieve and how every department’s contributions, as well as their own, add up to the larger company objectives. In order to provide that clarity, plans need to be aligned from both the top down and the bottom up.


Company objectives are rarely divided evenly across teams. In order to achieve results, each team leader must be crystal clear on what it takes to win.


Having clearly written objectives and assigned responsibility allows you to hold your team accountable. More importantly, it allows them to hold themselves and each other accountable to achieving your organization's goals.

The Sessions

Below are planning options

Option 1:

CEO Plan

We'll work with you to develop a one page strategic plan, then help you prepare to share it with stakeholder teams, such as direct reports, the Board, or the organization at large. This package comes with use of the planning system for one year and 3 one to one coaching sessions with the CEO, quarterly.

This can be facilitated in person (with proper distancing) in one day, or done virtually over four 2-hour sessions.

This option is best for the CEO who wants to implement an annual planning practice or who is new to the organization. If you have experienced inertia turning the ship or getting the team to take action on your vision, this is the place to start.

Approx. $7,000

Option 2:

Team-Built CEO Plan

This session brings the entire stakeholder group to a single location, with the objective of collaborating to build a one year organizational plan. Here we focus on good planning principles, SWOT analysis, prioritization exercises, and then we engage the team to construct and agree to a solid strategic plan together. This session leads to a great team building experience, really robust conversation, healthy conflict, idea sharing, and a written plan that can be shared throughout the organization, providing clarity and alignment.

Total time commitment - 16 Hours (2 Days) This option can be done in person with proper distancing or through multiple virtual sessions.

There are no revisions or coaching provided by WinSource with this planning session.

This option is best for teams that are newly developed or tend to work in silos. It is a good way to introduce planning to a group that has not done it before or that has had a bad experience previously.

Approx. $11,000

Option 3:

CEO/Organizational Plan and Individual Executive Plans

In this option, we spend the first time block building the CEO plan. We get all the great stuff out of the CEO's head down on paper. This plan will contain organizational objectives and strategies, but the action items will be those of the CEO. Next we will share the plan with the stakeholder group/exec team. We will then lead facilitated sessions helping them build one-page plans of their own that are in perfect alignment with the CEO plan. Each executive will have a plan for their team or department that specifically calls out their objectives for the year, strategies, and time bound actions for projects and other goals. This option brings clarity to larger organizations where multiple executive leaders are responsible for specific business lines, geographies, or have matrix management responsibility.

Once the plans are finalized, we can help the CEO and executive team share the plan with any other group, like their direct reports. This package comes with use of the planning system for one year, 3 revisions and 3 one to one coaching sessions with the CEO and any plan holders, quarterly.

Total time commitment for the CEO 16-30 hours (excluding revisions and coaching). Time commitment for stakeholder/exec team 16-18 hours (excluding revisions and coaching). Can be facilitated in person with proper distancing, or done virtually over several sessions.

This option is best for the organization that seeks total team alignment while allowing a top down, bottom up approach to objective building.

Approx. $11,500 for the CEO and the first two stakeholder plans. Each additional plan is $3000. (Ex. CEO + 6 Executive team members = $23,500)

The System

The system we use is based on simplicity. We capture Mission, Vision, Objectives, Strategies and Actions in a very thorough, time bound, measurable format. We remove unnecessary business jargon and fluff--the things people sometimes put into plans for show. This leaves us with what is most important to the business and a clear plan to get it done.

Our simple, one page plan also makes an easy-to-digest communication vehicle for messaging to the rest of the organization. This ensures clarity, focus, alignment, and accountability at all levels.

You can use the system to track and manage progress against goals.

You don't have to start from scratch. We use an intuitive system that provides madlib-style prompts and fill-in-the-blank fields to help you choose the metrics that make the most sense for your organization. Our executive coaches ask questions and provide feedback to help you come to decisions you'll feel confident in.

The Results

Here is what other business leaders like you have seen through the planning process.

"One of the most difficult things to accomplish is to get people to do the paperwork.  Jim and his team introduced the One Page Plan which was not only easy to use, but provided a clear line of sight from their efforts to the company strategy. Most impactful was the guidance and support, offered by Jim's team, as we implemented the process and it became an integral part of our annual goal setting." - Wayne Larkin, President

"Our sessions could not have gone better! I admire their skillset at facilitating a single meeting across the levels of our organization, from the Board of Directors to my Admin Team. My team has embraced the professional development opportunity of participating in building the plan. They readily contribute to more strategic conversations and are empowered to act." - Leanne Noren, Executive Director

Nearly every training I have ever attended was somehow off the mark, some a waste of time. Our time with WinSource was well spent. The material and pace was very good and the lessons learned and tools obtained will take us to the next level of excellence." - John Flink, CEO

Planning can be intimidating. Let us show you how to make it easy.

We're Ready

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