From Lead Generation to Closed Sale!

1/ LinkedIn lead generation campaign

2/ CRM+Pipeline Management+Marketing Automation

3/ Business Development Advisory



The program will generate short-term opportunities (at what level we don't yet know). However, the more substantial opportunity is the database of your ideal target prospects that we continue to build and you will nurture over time.

Using a consistent and proven process, we generate short-term marketing qualified leads, build your ideal target prospect database, integrate the program with your existing email platform for continued nurturing, and work with your Sales team to convert leads into new business.



  • LinkedIn profile optimization – we draft a LinkedIn profile summary for the LinkedIn account we will be using to increase the conversion of profile visits into leads.
  • Target ideal prospects using advanced LinkedIn filters - we create a highly targetted prospect list using; specific titles, geography, industry, company size, etc.
  • We craft a series of LinkedIn messages designed to connect and engage
  • We grow your ideal prospect database – send out up to 1,000/month connection requests to your ideal prospects. We understand that not every company has the infrastructure to go from "0 to 60". We can start the outreach at whatever level is comfortable for the Sales team. Our goal is to generate a consistent flow of leads at a level where all opportunities are appropriately followed-up and maximized.
  • Engage

  • Our messaging is designed to create leads through engagement - Personalized Invitation to Connect, Welcome and Call-to-Action.
  • Conversations

  • We connect with decision-makers: new connections with key decision-makers leading to conversations that open new markets and buyers.
  • Opportunities

  • We build your sales funnel: your sales funnel will continuously fill with engaged and ideal new prospects.
  • Nurture your new and existing connections. Generate conversations that will lead to opportunities.

  • Integrate Your LinkedIn Campaign With Our CRM and Marketing Automation Software

  • We will create a sales funnel, landing page and email nurturing campaign to increase your leads to conversation ratio
  • Manage your pipeline and follow-up effectively and efficiently to maximize the return on all your lead generation campaigns

  • The Hand-off to Sales

    As the outreach begins, there will be multiple opportunities throughout the process where Sales should and will need to step-in to convert Marketing qualified leads into Sales qualified leads.

  • LinkedIn
  • Lead responses (of all types) from prospects at various points along the LinkedIn messaging sequence, from the invitation to connect to our final message. It is crucial that Sales follow up with all responses promptly, qualifies them and places them in the appropriate existing internal workflow. If a current sales process and conversion strategy are not in place before the start of the campaign, the maximum return on the investment for the program will not be realized.
  • We will work with your Sales team to ensure they understand the lead flow from Marketing to Sales along with best practices we use to maximize the campaign ROI.
  • If your business model is solely focused on production and delivery and not built for sales, we can provide a Business Development Manager that can move your leads through the prospect pipeline to a closed sale.

    You are starting to generate leads from your LinkedIn campaign, now what?

    The backbone of a successful lead generation campaign is what you are able to accomplish after you capture the lead. We will provide all the tools you need in one platform without having to "duct-tape" multiple platforms together!


    Take the leads from your LinkedIn Lead Generation Campaign or from other lead sources and upload them into our CRM and Marketing Automation software


    Capture new leads using our landing pages, surveys, forms, calendars, inbound phone system & more!


    Automatically message leads via voicemail, forced calls, SMS, emails, FB Messenger & more!


    Use our built in tools to collect payments, schedule appointments, and track analytics!

    Set-up and Process 

  • A new sales pipeline with the following stages will be created:
  • Cold Email Started
  • Leads will be in this pipeline while receiving the cold email
  • 5-6 email nurturing campaign written by our team
  • Create triggers and automation to complete the stages listed above
  • Landing page for the campaign written by our team - approx. 500 words 
  • Calendar set-up
  • Email set-up
  • Campaign telephone number set-up
  • Ongoing monthly support

  • CRM+Marketing Automation Software Features

  • 1.Full CRM+Pipeline Management
  • 2.Online bookings and appointments
  • 3.Build sales funnels
  • 4.Website + landing page builder
  • 5.Text marketing
  • 6.Call tracking
  • 7.Cold email marketing campaigns
  • 8.Client surveys and reputation management
  • 9.Ongoing online software support
  • 10. Access to our full training library

    We will help you to strategically grow your business. Our entire focus is on finding your ONE THING, perfecting it, and helping you to implement it. Once that’s done, we will continue to find your ONE THING and implement that as well.


  • Assessment of business - sales, marketing and operations
  • Review and advise on the existing business model
  • Map out customer journey
  • Ongoing strategic advice and support

    Hi-Tech Manufacturing (Lead Generation) - 2019

    Our manufacturing client sells a high-end custom solution to a niche market. In six months, we have added over 2,700 highly targeted prospects to the marketing database, generated an engagement rate of 38% and secured three new clients with an estimated customer lifetime value of $300,000.

    Technology Client (Lead Generation) - 2019

    Working with a commercial Real Estate software company ,we helped them “connect and speak with more potential clients in six weeks than they had previously spoken to in 10yrs”. They are engaged in conversations with more than 20 high profile meaningful prospects and have submitted two large proposals within eight weeks of engaging with us.

    Professional Services (Lead Generation + Marketing Automation) - 2019

    We are working with a professional services firm adding nearly 2,000 ideal new prospects to their database. Once added to their database, we created workflows and processes that focused on nurturing the new leads. As of July 2019, over $100,000 in new revenue had been generated from the new prospects that converted into paying clients.

    Leadership/Sales Training Consultant (Lead Generation + Scalability) - 2017/2018

    We engaged with a training consultant that was surviving on referral business only with no way to generate new opportunities. We put together an outreach lead generation strategy that created 30+ appointments with their ideal target audience within four weeks. They made their first $20K+ sale within three weeks of the start of the program. This amount of activity identified the next need, the need to scale their business and create a sustainable way to generate leads, develop proposals and deliver their programs consistently. We sourced and arranged for a partner who was willing to invest in their company to create a scalable business model where our client could focus on what they do best, delivering their material.


    In the past eight weeks using your program, we have established connections with more than 350 new contacts and we are engaged in conversations with more than 20 high profile meaningful prospects. We have also submitted two large proposals in the last week.

    We have had more conversations with prospects in the last two months than the prior ten years. Without question, it is the single best sales and marketing investment we have made to date.

    Hugh Molyneux - President, Refined Data Solutions Inc.

    I've known Kevin for almost 10 years. We've worked in/on numerous business ventures together, and he's currently helping to expand my network and provide lead generation.

    Two things I've observed over the years that leave a huge impression are his extraordinarily high levels of creativity and utmost integrity. You only discover those character traits in the trenches, and I've seen them over and over again.

    Highly recommended!

    Joseph Skursky - President, Market Leader Solutions

    Kevin ran a LinkedIn lead generation program for our business in the Summer and Fall of 2017 to great results. From this program our business was able to have over 40 phone calls with prospective clients with 14 of those people taking the next step in our sales process.

    Along the way we added over 75 people to our database and have been marketing to them expecting to close more business next year. Thanks for your leadership with this highly successful program Kevin. I look forward to working with you in the coming months into 2018.

    Linda Kern - President, The Kern Group

    Kevin is a highly professional business development consultant. He fully understands the current market challenges and has developed new lead generation concepts providing his customers with new business opportunities.

    I have been working with Kevin for over 15 years and he has helped many of my clients to increase their business. Our team appreciates Kevin's methodical and highly targeted approach achieving a high ROI compared to other lead generation models.

    Bernhard Wagenknecht - Sales Director, LEONI Elocab Ltd.


    We started our journey in March of 2002 as a virtual telemarketing company helping clients who;

    · Struggled to maintain a steady stream of new customers

    · Had a sales team hesitant about making cold calls

    · Were frustrated by the peak and valley rollercoaster of business development

    · Had maxed out their current client work and had little time for ongoing, consistent lead generation

    Flash forward 18 years later. As a contract lead generation and business development company we have worked with a wide variety of organizations across multiple industries with a singular focus on helping our clients grow their business.

    Our company is built on a collaborative business model which allows us to seek out and utilize specific expertise globally which significantly increases our value to our clients.

    We work with a handful of clients at any one time and excel at projects with clear goals and objectives where we feel we can add significant value. While we have wide and deep experience we are not a one size fits all solution provider.

    That being said, if you have interest in finding out more about KPG let’s start with a conversation to see if there might be a good fit between your needs and our skill set!

    Kevin Pettie - Partner

    Kevin is the Owner of Kontact Profit Group. A serial entrepreneur he started his first company, Kontact Client Generation Partners, a virtual telemarketing company in 2002. He has over 25 years of experience in sales, marketing, and business development.

    Tyrone Matheson - Partner

    Tyrone is the founder of the Tyrone Matheson Group. He's a serial entrepreneur, small business guru, mentor and connector extraordinaire.  Add the fact that he is a neo-generalist (knows a little bit about something) with the network, knowledge and expertise to scale any business.  Go ahead, reach out, unless you prefer the status quo.


    We'd love the opportunity to help you grow your business!

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