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How BBQ Dragon gained 13,000 new leads in a WEEK with Pinnacle Surge Media

We helped BBQ Dragon double their lead list through a combination of viral giveaways and a targeted advertising strategy.

"Since working with PSM, we've doubled our incoming email lead rate and built an engaged Messenger audience of 13,000 people from nothing.

They seem to really care about our business and are easy to work with. They can definitely supercharge your marketing funnel. We recommend."

George Prior — BBQ Dragon


The Challenge

Drive new leads to our e-mail funnel and create a new engaged audience on Facebook Messenger.

Boost incoming leads

With constant new ways of marketing coming out for e-commerce, BBQ Dragon wanted to take advantage of these opportunities and grow their inbound leads. They understood that the e-commerce landscape is very competitive and companies must always look for new ways to drive traffic or risk being overtaken in the marketplace.


The Solution

Create a growth campaign that would funnel new leads at a staggering rate.

A growth hacking strategy

The team at BBQ Dragon wanted to supersize their current lead list. They already had ~10K in emails but wanted to expand into a new platform, Messenger. Leads in Messenger are 5x more likely to read a message and over 3x more likely to click through. This super engaged audience was what BBQ Dragon was after.

George wanted to have his own Messenger audience, one that could be tapped into when looking to drive traffic, sales and reviews for new or existing products.

Pinnacle Surge Media (PSM) was tasked with creating a growth campaign to add some oil to the flames of this process.

To kick things off, we began by looking at how we may be able to create a viral campaign. BBQ Dragon had a niche audience and products when combined with some industry leaders in grilling would make an irresistable offer to consumers. The goal was to create a viral giveaway that would clearly highlight BBQ Dragon's products, draw new users in AND have them SHARE it.

After creating the core of the giveaway (product offering, landing page, Messenger setup & copy, etc.) we needed to fan the flames and get this out there. We combined a mixture of guerilla style marketing and paid campaigns which included:

  • Sending out an e-mail to our existing list.
  • Using Targeted Facebook groups to spread the word.
  • Split testing various Ads on Facebook & Instagram.
  • Creating a "Lead Magnet" with user acquisition of <$0.10.
  • Partnering with Social Media influencers to share the giveaway.


    -Create a new audience on Messenger.

    -Grow the email subscriber list.

    -Increase sales conversions.


    The Results

    13,000+ new leads in a WEEK.

    6200+ Emails added to lead list & 6700+ Messenger Subscribers at less than $1000 in total Ad Spend.

    We’re proud to say that because of this campaign, BBQ Dragon added a significant amount of Emails to their mailing funnel in a very short period of time. PSM was also able to create a new audience for BBQ Dragon to reach out to on Messenger which sees an average of 75%+ open rates & 15%+ CTR. Combining the the two lists, the average cost per lead is ~$0.07.

    BBQ Dragon can now send an enormous amount of traffic to their website or Amazon store.

    Fig. 1 - BBQ Dragon New Messenger Subscribers

    Fig. 2 - BBQ Dragon New E-Mail Leads

    Fig. 3 - BBQ Dragon Broadcast - Messenger Open & Read Rates

    We're Ready

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