Layer 1

Policy Management

Organise, distribute and record acknowledgement of your
policies in one integrated system.

One source of truth

Avoid duplication and staff confusion by integrating your policies with your Ausmed Learning Management System.

 Ensure staff can access the latest policies when and where they need them.

Evidence of policy acknowledgement

Know whether your staff have actually read and understood your policies by monitoring your own database of acknowledgement records.

Latest policies, right on time

Rest assured that your staff have the latest information by assigning policies to job roles.

 Reduce spam by deciding what notifications are required whenever you make an update to a policy.

Stay organised

Maintain version history and organise your policies by mapping them to the relevant standards, topics and job roles to make reporting and finding policies simple.

Our Policy Partners

Erigo M.A.C. is part of the Erigo group with Erigo Training, and has been operating to support aged care organisations for over 20 years. Our team are experienced leaders in their fields, with skills to support all levels of people in aged care: strategy, organisational reviews, governance, human resources, management, health and safety, quality, compliance, clinical care, consumer experience and staff engagement.

AnchorPolicy provides step-by-step evidence-based policies and process, tools and templates that will save you time spent writing, reviewing and tracking. We currently support over 35% of Aged Care Providers nationally with their policy and process, compliance, training and governance.

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