Anser: Beyond 20

Anser Charter School Expansion Update

Anser's journey into the next 20 years of educating the whole child in a collaborative learning community.

At Anser

"We are Crew, not passengers, strengthened by acts of consequential service to others." - Kurt Hahn

The past 9 months of work to imagine the future of Anser's community and our renovated school home have been busy and fruitful. Anser's Facility Committee has worked with staff and local architects to create a Conceptual Plan of the expanded facility.

In order to keep everyone up to date on the expansion plans, we created an expansion page on the Anser website. You can find it under the "What's Happening" tab on the Anser website

We will work to keep this page updated as we progress toward construction.

Anser Beyond20

"Our children cannot be ready to walk into the future premade for them. They have to create this future. Whether they can make their future (and our retirement) peaceful and prosperous depends on what we do in schools today."- Yong Zhao, University of Kansas, Timeless Learning

The DRAFT Anser Conceptual Plan

As you examine these DRAFT plans, here are some exciting things that we think will be incredible improvements for Anser's property:

  • 1.The Portables have been removed from the playground. This will free up additional playground space and also mean that all classrooms will be inside the building.
  • 2.A new, dedicated K-1 Playspace has been developed at what is currently our main entrance. This means our youngest crew members will have a dedicated space to play that is just for youngers.
  • 3.A second floor outdoor patio Rec space for 6th-8th grade is shown in the plans above as the light green space. This will provide some dedicated outdoor play space for our oldest crew members.
  • 4.The Drop off and Pick up line is moved to 43rd St and the current Drop off and Pick up Line becomes the bus zone. This means families will be able to Drop off and Pick up away from the construction next year. It will also reduce the conflict between Anser's traffic and UPS and Grasmick trucks.
  • 5.The playground space will be more enclosed, and less visible and accessible to the public making it more secure for all students.
  • These plans are still in DRAFT form, but show some of the great improvements we can look forward to create a peaceful and prosperous future for children.

    Remember our "Why"

    The Challenges:

    -Over 65% of today's students will work in jobs that don't currently exist.

    -Over 70% of middle school students experience regular worry about their future

    -Researchers note a 40% decline in empathy in adolescents today in comparison to the 1990s

    -The average 13 year old has a 6-8 second attention span

    -Levels of depression, anxiety, and suicide are increasing in children 11-16

    -World Economic Forum and Generation iY- Tim Elmore

    What's the Timeline?



    Anser's RFP will post this Monday, Jan 20th. After a Design-Build Team is selected, plans will be finalized.

    A Committee made up of teaching staff and admin staff is developing the plan for where each class will be housed next school year. The plan is to keep all students on Anser's campus by placing temporary portables in the main parking lot. The new parking lot and drop off pick up line will be ready for use in time for school.

    We will need lots of volunteer help to pack up classrooms in early June.

    Construction will begin in mid June and be completed by August 1st, 2021.


    Construction- Bussing

    The new portion of the facility will be completed throughout the the 2020-2021 school year.

    While there will be some inconveniences, we are Crew, and we know we can do it together!

    Anser will begin two bus routes. Research is just beginning on where those routes will be, so stay tuned.

    August 2021- All hands on deck to move into our newly renovated home. And of course we will have a celebration!

    "This is a critical time in education. The human society is going through an episode of tumultuous changes. Political instability, widening economic gaps, environmental degradation, rising racial tensions, growing nationalism, and rapid technological changes are all working togther to affect the future world our children will occupy..." -Timeless Learning by Socol, Moran and Ratliff

    We are Crew!

    What's next?

    For the next few months Michelle and Heather will hold open office hours each Thursday from 2:30-3:30pm to answer any questions you may have.

    We will also be sharing more information as plans progress about expanding our community, recruiting new families to join our community and the additional resources we will have in place to serve our students and families as a result of expansion.

    We will send out more communications like this, but also be on the lookout for news in the Flight Plan and on the Anser website.


    Through our 20th Anniversary Celebrations of Service we collaborated alongside our parents and students to serve our community. Through our Community Read of "Marching off the Map" we joined together with our Anser families to learn new ways to develop our young people for a future we can't yet imagine.

    It is now time for Anser to lead in a new and yet familiar way. It is time for us to once again lead a movement to re-define what is possible in public education, just like Anser's founders did 20 years ago. Standing together with our roots dug down in the dreams of our founders we are ready to awaken a new future- together.

    Anser Beyond20