Who We Are

Living Corporate is an experience management (XM) startup that prioritizes workplace fairness.

We use analytics, talent enablement, and brand storytelling to build employee trust and market confidence.


  • MEASURING EMPLOYEE AND CUSTOMER DATA for custom, visualized insights and recommendations.
  • DELIVERING AUTONOMOUS E-LEARNING to support leaders and individual contributors alike.
  • AMPLIFYING BRAND VOICE through our digital media network of podcasts, livestream events, and more.

2M+ Annual Impressions, 10K+ Learning Platform users, 30K+ Social Media Followers, 1K+ Podcast Episodes, 100+ Blogs

According to McKinsey, the leading organizations of the future are investing and deploying intangible assets.

Innovation Capital
using data for decision-making

Insights Capital
real-time, multi-platform data analytics

Human Capital
nurturing employee trust

Brand Capital
building market trust

Living Corporate has products and services to help grow each of these assets for you, today.

Case Studies

Living Corporate has delivered proven impact to support employer brands in their experience management strategy.


Why: mid-size AI-enabled writing platform was looking for a self-service learning solution to enable their individual contributors, mid-level leaders, and executive leaders alike on matters of workplace fairness, wellness, career management, allyship, and more.

What: Living Corporate's e-learning platform of over 900 learning modules on matters of leadership, wellness, fairness, career management, allyship, and more was the self-paced autonomous solution Textio needed.

Outcome: Textio has leveraged Living Corporate's e-learning platform to drive employee retention, leadership development, and overall talent enablement.


Why: global pharmaceutical company was seeking external brand storytelling to simultaneously attract Black talent and address vaccine hesitancy in marginalized communities.

What: Living Corporate collaborated with Pfizer’s corporate affairs office and interviewed leaders in multi-month digital media campaigns (podcasts published on all platforms, blogs, social media, etc.) to address topics of health equity, workplace fairness, career development, and more.

Outcome: Pfizer’s campaigns reached over 1 million impressions targeting Black and brown talent across major US metros and 15K+ clicks.


Why: career pathways nonprofit for underserved youth has multiple disparate datasets that represent various aspects of intern experience, organizational performance, and program success.

What: Living Corporate's analytics and visualization capabilities enable insights at scale and speed.

Outcome: Genesys Works is receiving consolidated dashboards that capture multilayered insights for various levers of their organization.


Why: global, on-demand cloud computing company sought to drive employee engagement by developing programming for Hispanic Heritage Month.

What: Living Corporate highlighted Latino/a executive leaders through its podcast and promoted it through AWS' internal and external channels.

Outcome: AWS' Hispanic Heritage Month reached over 20K employees and has reached over 400K impressions externally.

We Drive Brand Capital

We are a trusted brand that attracts global brands to promote their commitments to workplace fairness. The trust equity we have built allows us to host globally influential thought leaders passionate about fairness, leadership, and professional development.

“I've been reflecting on how vital spaces like Living Corporate are for young Black and brown professionals navigating their career...I wish there were more resources like this available to me when I was just starting out.” - Dr. Dara Richardson, former Chief Patient Officer at Pfizer

"There are few organizations that authentically create spaces that reach and engage Black and brown professionals as well as folks looking to be better allies. Living Corporate is one of those organizations and I am thankful for our partnership." - Janet Pope, VP of Corporate Responsibility and Engagement at Capgemini

"Living Corporate combines creativity and consultative expertise on matters of employee engagement. Through them, we developed and delivered a powerful campaign that drove both internal and external brand. Partnering with them directly supported our talent strategy goals." - Khambrel Ward, DEI at LiveRamp

“I’m thankful for the partnership that Living Corporate provides to reinforce Textio’s commitment to an inclusive and fair workplace. Their intentionality and care in going beyond the surface for authentic thought leadership to drive employee engagement is second to none.” - Jackye Clayton, VP of Talent Acquisition and DEIB at Textio

We Reach Major Stakeholder Demos

Our audience spans across the south, east coast, west coast, and mid-western metros. We connect with professionals at every stage of their careers.

"Can't recommend Living Corporate enough. Whether you're a Black or brown professional looking for guidance and community or a DEI professional looking for others having the tough conversations to impact change in a systemic and real way, this is for you." - Dr. Felix Chinea, Director of Health, Equity, and Inclusion Strategy at Doximity

Driving Talent Enablement

Designed to be a benefit to historically marginalized and aspirational allies alike, our self-serve talent enablement platform from our ever-growing library of dynamic discussions will support your leadership development and employee engagement strategies. Watch the video to learn more.

  • Explore 900+ Learning Modules that cover dozens of topics and themes related to career development, executive leadership, workplace fairness, talent strategy, and more.
  • Enhanced learning experience through action items and questions for group or individual reflection, embedded in each module.
  • Create and Export Custom Playlists from our library of learning to your intranet environment to develop unique learning and communication enablement experiences for your organization

Count of Modules x Category

Our library grows quarterly by 3%. We are focused on growing "DEI Research", and "Women at Work" by 45% within the next six months.


Module Count





DEI Strategy






Career Management


DEI Research


Women at Work


Potential Use Cases

Organizations could leverage this platform in a variety of ways to support their talent enablement strategy. Below are some examples of what our clients are doing across a variety of contexts.

Our E-Learning Users

Delivering Insights for Innovation

We provide bespoke recommendations that support your experience management strategy by being able to quickly ingest, combine, analyze organization data from any platform(s) (e.g., Salesforce, HubSpot, Workday, ADP, Peoplesoft, Sentiment Data) in a matter of days. See a demo of how we do that with HRIS data below.

  • Surgical Granularity
    We create intersectional views along a myriad of dimensions (e.g. race,gender / non-binary, org level, position, salary, tenure, generational cohort, performance, benefits usage).
  • Internal Benchmarking
    We compare intersectional stakeholder groups against one another.
  • Embeddable Text
    We embed text into our visualizations, highlighting data-based insights.

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