Full-Service Video Production Agency

Three Stripe is a full-service video production agency based in New York.

From sitcoms to instructional videos, our roster of directors, screenwriters, talent scouts, editors, cinematographers and producers are dedicated to bringing your stories to life.

Our Clients



Directors have the vision to bring the story to life. They see it all in their heads and know what they need to deliver for you. With so many personal on set at any one time, the director is vital for maintaining order and creative focus throughout a project.


Writing is more than just clever one-liners, our writers are storytellers for any subject. They have written for Hollywood, TV, radio and advertising, as well as published novels and public political speeches. They’re born communicators.


A love of light drives cinematographers to make sure every shot speaks volumes. They’re an essential part of the look and feel of everything we do.

Still Photography

In addition to moving images, we also offer photography services to capture additional content for products, behind the scenes and more.

photo of DSLR camera


Editing, color grading, special effects, CGI and film restoration are all done in house by our team of world-class production specialists.

Talent Scouting

The right talent can make your project click in a magical way. We have extensive networks that will ensure the right talent represents your intentions in front of the camera. We often hold castings at our head office, but we’ll go to the end of the earth to find the right fit.

black dslr camera on white table

Equipment Hire

Acme has an extensive equipment inventory that is available to hire when not in use. Top of the line cameras and lenses, lights, production tools and obscure vintage equipment are all part of our offering – including a variety of film cameras and projectors.

Three Stripe were easy to work with and really seemed to enjoy helping me share the simplicity of good cooking.

- Sue Walker, Founder of Sue Chef

For the Love of It

Everyone at Three Stripe genuinely loves the moving image.

Most of us started out making our own films as kids, some of us have even made films you might’ve seen in the cinema. But we come together because we all enjoy the craft of telling stories through moving visual imagery and storytelling.

Our Team

Story Tellers, Creators, Executors

We’re storytellers, each and every one of us. Our experience ranges from top Hollywood blockbusters, to European arthouse films, to commercials, to corporate video, to education. It’s our love of the moving image combined with our various (and significant) experiences that make our team a well-oiled kaleidoscope of collaboration that keeps coming back for more.

Let’s Talk

If you’ve got a story to tell on video, we want to help you tell it. Get in touch to arrange a meeting.

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