20 November to 1 December 2017



VC101 is an initiative to eliminate access to and streamline the process of  interning at a VC firm.

Think about it! You can get internships practically everywhere but what about at VC firms? This is why VC101 is offering young people with entrepreneurial potential the opportunity to intern at VC firms across Sydney in 2017.

For more on what we do, visit VC101.TEAM!

What are VC101 Investor Internships?

VCs are the people that invest in startups before they become FAAMG! 

Along with rubbing shoulders with VCs who have years of experience finding the next unicorn, you will get to participate at the round table by experiencing how VC firms operate.

The internship will run for two weeks from 20 November to 1 December 

and will be offered as a volunteer position

Awesome! What's next?


  • Two weeks at a participating firm including:
  • Spending the day at a portfolio company or startup.
  • Visit to BlueChilli and SheStarts.
  • Access to VC101's online course.
  • Visit to tech companies (DropBoxAtlassianUBER).
  • Attend StartCon 2017.

Our Partners

VC101's Investor Internships will take place at Right Click Capital, OneVentures, IAG Firemark Ventures, Investible and Catapult with five internship placements on offer.

Right Click Capital invests in high-growth Internet- and technology-related businesses in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia from seed to series A.

OneVentures is the largest health tech fund in Australia with a focus on investing in healthcare, medicine and biotech as a part of $320 million in funds under management. 

IAG Firemark Ventures in partnership with IAG invests in startups and emerging growth businesses from series A+.

Investible is one of Australia's largest angel investors focused on early stage private companies.

Catapult is a business accelerator that invests in early stage companies through the Catapult fund.


Apply at

How to apply?*

  1. Support us by following us on Twitter and YouTube.
  2. Submit your application by 12 November.
  3. Follow on interviews for shortlisted candidates on a rolling basis.
  4. Confirmation of acceptance by 17 November.

*Please note, additional interview process applies for candidates selected by Right Click Capital.


  • Current or future founder of a startup.
  • Undergraduate or Postgraduate student.
  • Recent graduate.

Apply especially if you have a background in Mathematics, Health Science, Life Sciences, Medicine, Biomedical, Electrical, Aeronautical, Engineering, Computer Science, IT.

Terms and Conditions


1. Five internship placements on offer. Each participating firm will host up to one intern for the duration of the programme.

2. Must be between 18 and 29 years of age.

3. Must be Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident.


For any enquiries, reach out at

t: @VC101_  | y: VC101 | w: