21465 SW Farmington Rd

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Outstanding Large Scale Development Opportunity

This investors packet relates to the massive South Hillsboro Project, the Largest development in Oregon history.

Land Description

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In this paragraph, 21465 SW Farmington Rd is referred as, "the property".

21465 SW Farmington Rd is a level 74 acre parcel of land that abuts to the largest development in the states history, the South Hillsboro Project. A major road runs along the South side of "the property", SW Farmington Rd. A massive pipeline project by Willamette Water Supply is scheduled to run along SW Farmington Rd on "the property". Adjacent to "the property" on the East end is 209th, which will have a massive expansion, due to the South Hillsboro Project. The Hillsboro School District purchased a 40 acre plot of land that abuts to the NW end of "the property" that is going to house a new High school. Potential plans for the Hillsboro School District to purchase a portion of "the property", for a middle school. The South Hillsboro Project has plans for a BPA corridor, future parks and a possible road (Cornelius Pass Rd) to continue through to SW Farmington Rd, which would abut to the West side of "the property". 21465 SW Farmington Rd is in undesignated status, it is one of the last pieces of undeveloped land in Washington County that is neither in Metro nor set aside to be protected from development. Currently, the city of Hillsboro is requesting and is being highly considered to expand the Urban Growth Boundary again, with that requested area being next to the South Hillsboro Project. Only time before 21465 SW Farmington Rd gets annexed into the boundaries.


This investors packet is an overview that covers the South Hillsboro Project, the never ending local and international growth of Hillsboro, and the clear potential for development on the 21465 SW Farmington Rd property in Hillsboro. (In order)

South Hillsboro Project

All eyes are focused on the South Hillsboro neighborhood this summer while the largest master-planned community in Oregon history hosts the 2018 NW Natural Street of Dreams.

By the Numbers: South Hillsboro Project

  • Nearly 2 decades of master planning
  • 1,400 acres for residential development
  • About 8,000 residences of diverse types, architectural styles, and price ranges
  • Housing options for nearly 20,000 community members to help meet the needs of the City's growing workforce
  • 286 acres of new parks and open space
  • 15 miles of new, multi-use trails, co-located with planned school facilities
  • 1 multi-modal transportation network with world-class bicycle infrastructure and transit service
  • 2 mixed-use Town and Village Centers providing a range of shopping, services, and gathering spaces
  • South Hillsboro Master Plan Map

    South Hillsboro Pipeline Map

    Phases of the pipeline in the South Hillsboro area have already began. The next phase will be coordinated with Washington County’s widening of Cornelius Pass Road between TV Highway and Francis Street. A third phase will continue the pipeline south to Rosedale Road, ultimately connecting to the rest of the pipeline at Farmington Road via 209th Avenue.

    South Hillsboro Community Plan Map

    Hillsboro Growth

    "I hope you are as inspired as I am by the Hillsboro 2035 Community Plan. It is reflective of our growing and changing community. It strikes a balance between accommodating future growth – Hillsboro is projected to be home to as many as 140,000 residents by 2035 – and finding ways to maintain our sense of place and identity."

    - Hillsboro Mayor Steve Callaway

    Map of Hillsboro Key Business Employers (Please Zoom In)

    Map of Hillsboro Commercial Premise (Please Zoom In)

    Map of Hillsboro Foreign Direct Investment Companies (Please Zoom In)


    21465 SW Farmington Rd Plat Map

    South Hillsboro School District

    The Hillsboro school board approved the purchase of 40 acres in South Hillsboro (22520 SW Rosedale Rd). The land will be used to build a high school, they expect to get 3,200 new students. (Outside of the, "South Hillsboro Project".) The Hillsboro School District is also looking to purchase 10 acres in the Southern portion of South Hillsboro to build an elementary school.

    Below is 22520 SW Rosedale Rd live google image (red pinpoint is the property of the new Hillsboro School District High school)

    South Cooper Mountain Project

    Looking into the past, we've seen land around new schools easily put into Metro shortly after completion. Recent example:

    The South Cooper Mountain Project is 5 minutes South of the South Hillsboro Project - The High School was built on SW 175th Ave & SW Scholls Ferry Rd - South Cooper Mountain Project was approved after High School plans.

    As seen on the Hillsboro Master plan below, there are potential plans for Cornelius Pass Rd to continue through to SW Farmington Rd, potential plans for Parks & trails to continue through to SW Farmington Rd and a definite plan for the BPA corridor to continue through to SW Farmington Rd. All of which are adjacent to the 21465 SW Farmington Rd property.

    Current City Requested UGB Expansion Map - Witch Hazel Village South is Being Requested. (See Below)

    Hillsboro city officials say that the South Hillsboro Project isn't enough. The city expects to be 1,300 homes short of forecasted demand by 2038.

    More and more jobs are coming to Hillsboro, which has driven the need for more housing in the city, according to Laura Weigel, Hillsboro's long-range planning manager. The UGB is meant to handle growth over the next 20 years.

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