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2017-2018 Annual Report

Local information when are where you need it.

We want to live in a world where all Australians can find services and activities they need to improve their health, social and economic well-being

The Community is Mobile


of Australians now own a smart phone, with market growth being driven by older generations (Deloitte, 2017)


of visitors to My Community Directory and My Community Diary used a mobile device or a tablet. (Google Analytics)

Information Mobility isn't just about your smart phone.

We need access to the right information in the right format at the right time

Tools to share the right information in the right format at the right time

Email & SMS

Send information via email as a link, or as a PDF.

Live Link

Share information that is updated in near real time in a browser, in the Access My Community App or by email

App & Push Notification

Create a tile and share information and resources - tailor your information to your connections


Connect databases and create applications using a range of different data sources


PDF encourages users to link back to the My Community Directory and My Community Diary Platform and explore other linked information on the internet

Data Mobility means...

I was able to find a playgroup I could attend with my son. I found one. However I was also found some respite for my mum and a local historical village wanting helpers which keeps her busy.
We are very busy running a woman's shelter. I need quickly create a personal list and SMS it to women who have found alternative accommodation. Depending on who they are, where they live and what they need I might need financial counselling, accommodation, health services, mental health support, after school care, food help - the works.
As a lawyer my clients often need other services urgently. Its easy to let them borrow an ipad while they are in my office to find information to get help so I can focus on providing legal advice.

Access My Community

Download the app on your iOS or Android device.

New ways to connect through your tile

1. Your Brand

2. Your Content

3. Your Messages

If you have a different strategy we have different types of tiles

Geo location Tiles

Location appropriate tiles appear depending on where the user is. These tiles are limited to specific membership types.

Demographic Tiles

Demographic tiles appear depending on the demographic information of the user.

Event Tiles

Event tiles show reliant upcoming events and can be displayed, including significant community days or weeks such as mental health week or RUOK day.

Information Mobility Requires Digital Infrastructure


My Community Directory, My Community Diary and Access My Community use the Community Information Exchange to securely store information.

The Community Information Exchange can be accessed by key stakeholders and provide an integrated platform.

Go to for more details about access.


The Community Information Exchange has a range of self-maintenance functions that monitors the accuracy of the information.


The Community Information exchange uses industry standard security hosted in Microsoft Azure Data centre.

How does the Platform Encourage Information Mobility?

Every community is different; however, one common thread is the growing need for Health and Community Services to work with councils to solve social challenges at a local level.

The Platform has been designed to do the hard work for you. Our system ensures that community information is seamlessly collected, stored and managed. The system efficiently transforms increasingly complex information into a valuable and easy to use knowledge-based resources across multiple devices.

My Community Directory, My Community Diary and Access My Community deliver immediate, accurate and useful information at the touch of a button – a one stop shop of community information.

Our Providers & Partners

Volunteering and Contact ACT

Volunteering and Contact ACT provides information to a wide range of stakeholders across the ACT.


Checkup has been an important partner in helping people find health services in Rural and Remote Queensland.

Centre for Participation

The Centre for Participation has a real vision for social change and has been an important part of our work in Victoria.

Year at a glance


11.76% increase in visitors to our platform


hours on our website equivalent to over 28 full time staff at the same time!


public service visitors per month (from,


support emails and requests answered an average of 4hrs and 56mins

2 Websites & 1 App and and Download the app on your iOS or Android device.

A Personal Invitation

From the Executive Director

The times have changed - we have reached the tipping point and the majority of our users are now mobile users. Information mobility, now more than ever is critical. Information mobility doesn't mean that we need to rush out and build an app (although we have recently launched our app) it means we need to consider how we continue to focus on proving the right information to users in the right format at the right time.

I was at a community services event recently and I was being given a bunch of brochures that are still sitting in a bag in the corner of my office.

I don't want a handful of brochures
  • If its urgent I want an SMS
  • If it to review I want a Push Notification
  • If its detailed I want a PDF
  • If it changes I want a live link

While we still have a love for, and focus on working with the My Community Directory website, it’s never been clearer that My Community Diary and the Access My Community App is key to supporting data mobility in the community sector.

I would like to personally invite you to take the next step (beyond updating your information on the platform) I would like you to work with us to help create tools and resources that provide the right information, in the right format, at the right time.

Thanks for your ongoing support.

Brentyn Parkin B.A. B.Ed MSc Executive Director

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Our Health and Community Members

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